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Luxury Holidays to Douro Valley

Rising from the banks of the Douro River and stretching across Portugal’s northern border with Spain, there is no better way to experience Portugal’s thriving food and wine culture than with luxury Douro Valley holidays. Whitewashed villages sit atop steeply terraced vineyards carved into the valley’s walls. Famed as one of the world’s oldest demarcated wine regions, the valley is primarily known as the birthplace of port wine. Find world-class eateries and watering holes scattered throughout the valley, serving local port, wine and amazing traditional delicacies. 

At OROKO we love the family-run wineries and sensational gastronomy of Portugal’s Douro Valley. Throughout the years, we’ve established long-standing partnerships with the best luxury hotels and resorts in the region. Whether you’re in search of culinary road trip or a luxury short breakwe’re ready to create the perfect luxury Douro Valley holiday at the best value you can find. Explore our range of suggested holidays to the Douro Valley and be inspired to start planning your next getaway to Portugal. 

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