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Luxury Holidays to Uzbekistan

The most visited country in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a land of sandstone cities, home to vibrant bazaars and preserved architecture, contrasted with remote mountain villages and endless steppe. Uzbekistan’s major cities are at the core of the ancient Silk Road. Visit Samarkand, an UNESCO-listed, desert oasis of historic mausoleums and glittering turquoise domes and facades. Bukhara is Central Asia’s most ancient city and is dotted with structures of a bygone era while Khiva’s Old Town is scattered with various palaces, mosques and fortresses while Tashkent, the capital, is famed for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. Leave the cities for the Gissar Mountains, learning about rural village life. 

Knowledgeable expertise is crucial for a seamless journey through Uzbekistan. We have partnerships with the country’s finest English-speaking guides, remote lodges and boutique hotels. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, with 24/7 support and on the ground representatives.   


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