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Holidays to Kenya

When most people envision Africa, they are likely picturing the landscapes of Kenya. Located near the equator, Kenya offers plains teeming with game, cultures as old as time and unchanged by the modern world and vast African horizons stretching into eternity. Embarking on a luxury safari holiday in Kenya reveals some of the most timeless treasures of this storied country—a land of exquisite diversity and wildlife. It begins with a safari through the Masai Mara, where the indigenous Maasai people are steeped in their rich traditions and celebrations and troves of wildebeests and zebras migrate in their millions, the great predators following in their wake.  


On your luxury safari holiday to Kenya, you will delve into its national parks, great reserves and witness the incredible wildlife. Each OROKO luxury safari in Kenya features only the most exclusive luxury tented camps and private game drives without the hindrance of other tourists. Our first-hand knowledge and long-standing relationships with iconic African lodges mean that we can provide excellent value. We’ll ensure your safari holiday features the best wildlife tours, game drives and exclusive lodges. OROKO are also committed to working with ‘conservation first’ suppliers who practise sustainable tourism. 


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