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Holidays to Brazil

Embark on a luxury holiday to Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world in terms of both landmass and population. Despite having such a large population, there are still swathes of areas untouched by modern civilisation. The birthplace of samba and home of the legendary Carnival, Brazil has a beating heart that will captivate visitors with the warmth and energy of its people. Spanning across nearly half of South America and bordering all but two of its countries, Brazil encapsulates the spirit and beauty that defines the world’s most vibrant continent.


At OROKO, we have unparalleled expertise in the world’s most extreme and diverse continent. We can customise your tailor-made luxury holiday to Brazil with private airport transfers, exclusive experiences and the best of boutique hotels in Brazil. Every client has 24/7 support from our trusted partners to give you complete reassurance and confidence that you’re fully taken care of from day one.


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