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Luxury Holidays to Fiji

Set out on luxury holidays to Fiji, a South Pacific nation boasting over 330 tiny islands. Home to palm-fringed beaches, marine-rich coral reefs and rugged inlands, Fiji is the epitome of tropical luxury. Each island is unique and offers something different to discover, whether it’s the British colonial architecture of Viti Levu’s capital or Kadavu Island’s prime position surrounding the Great Astrolabe Reef. 

We’re experts in luxury travel and have long-standing relationships with the finest hotels and resorts in Fiji. Whether you’re looking for a private island experience or an island-hopping adventure, we will tailor your itinerary to promise an outstanding experience and unbeatable value on your luxury holidays to Fiji.


Combine with New Zealand 

Set out on a celebration of natural beauty as you witness New Zealand and Fiji in luxury. New Zealand’s impeccable landscapes are wonderfully combinable with the barefoot luxury of Fiji’s pristine, palm-lined sands. With exciting and luxurious excursions throughout, we’ll guide you towards the best of the New Zealand, leaving plenty of time to follow your every whim and admire the spectacular landscapes along the way. Complete your luxury holiday in an opulent beachside resort in Fiji’s tropical paradise. 

Sailing Fiji’s Sacred Isles 

Fiji’s four Sacred Islands, often seen in advertisements and on movie screens due to their immeasurable beauty, are synonymous with paradise and easily explored on a luxury cruise. Start in your oasis-like resort for days of tropical luxury. Then, it’s time to board your luxury cruise for your exploration of the Sacred Islands and Yasawa Islands; havens of palm-lined beaches, sparkling waters and coral lagoons. Days are filled with snorkelling, diving, glorious food and charming Fijian culture.  

Fiji for Couples

Well known as a dreamy location for a romantic getaway, Fiji is home to some of the world’s most romantic resorts hidden away on the smaller islands. Experience the Bula way of life on your island retreat as you meet local people, admire spectacular nature and savour the flavours of the South Pacific. On a couples’ holiday to Fiji, enjoy all the quintessential beachside relaxation of the tropics, with extra special experiences exploring iconic islands and picnicking in idyllic bays. 

Best time to travel 

Fiji’s weather is categorised into the wet and hot season and the dry and mild season. Although in the wet season, storms and bad weather pass very quickly, our preferred time to embark on luxury holidays to Fiji is during the dry and mild season, from May to November. The weather is reliably dry, and temperatures stay in the high twenties. The waters around the islands are perfectly warm and ideal for swimming and snorkelling, while beaches are powdery white, made for lazing the days away. 


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