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Luxury Holidays to Indonesia

Luxury holidays to Indonesia offer marvellous diversity, promising exceptional experiences whether it be off-the-grid adventures or romantic island honeymoons. Home to over 17,000 tropical islands, many parts of Indonesia lie undiscovered, just waiting for the intrepid traveller to stumble upon its spiritual temples and cascading rice fields. So, whether you dream of traipsing through tropical jungles in search of the endangered orangutan, climbing the other worldly terrain of Mount Bromo at sunrise or discovering the fearsome Komodo dragon, we’re ready to plan your luxury holidays to Indonesia.

Our Travel Specialists have journeyed through Indonesia countless times, some of us even having lived there. With thousands of tropical islands, its diversity can sometimes become overwhelming. Count on our unparalleled knowledge and expertise to guide the way on your Indonesia luxury holidays, offering you insights into parts of the country that some will never discover.



On Bali’s southern end lies the laidback and uber-trendy resort town of Seminyak. Dotted with fashionable clubs, chic restaurants and stylish bars, this beach town boasts an upmarket vibe. Enjoy days spent lazing on the pristine sands as Bali’s world-famous surf laps the shore or stroll through the local markets. Embark on snorkelling excursions or bask in the pastel sunset on a twilight cruise. In the evenings, take your pick of fantastic eateries serving delicious seafood and authentic Indonesian fare.  


Indonesia’s archipelago is home to a spectacular group of islands otherwise known as Komodo National Park. The islands are a playground for avid explorers who have a penchant for luxury, with mighty Komodo dragons, manta rays and turtles calling it home. Relax on the pink beaches and hike in search in search of the world’s largest lizards. The area’s reputation of being an incredible diving and snorkelling spot owes itself to the bounty of tropical fish and spectacular coral beneath the volcanic landscape.


The most populated island on earth, Java’s cities are alive with a frenzied energy while its volcano-dotted heartlands and rainforests have a buzz of their own. Visit the island’s capital, Jakarta or explore the hidden eateries and markets of Yogyakarta. Leave the cities for the island’s natural landscapes such as mighty Mount Bromo, Gunung Merapi and Ijen. Explore the island’s ancient temples including one of the world’s largest and best-preserved religious landmarks, the colossal Borobudur Temple, and the hilltop Selogriyo Temple.  


Known as Bali’s cultural centre, Ubud is a treasure trove of traditional crafts, art and dance. With welcome cooler temperatures than the coast, Ubud is home to a vast collection of luxurious resorts that attract visitors who wish to see Bali at its most authentic. Holidays in Indonesia are about embracing ancient culture amid the tropical landscape, so we recommend visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest, ancient Hindu temples, charming villages and Ubud Palace. Stroll through the local market and, if you’re lucky, witness one of Hindu-Balinese festivals, before taking a trek through the island’s iconic rice fields. 


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