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Luxury Culinary Holidays

Food is culture. One of the best preservers of history, the traditions and cultures of food will always stand the test of time. Where buildings crumble and cities modernise, we are forever brought a sense of comfort from age-old recipes and memories at the table. We’ve travelled far and wide to find the world’s culinary hotspots. On luxury culinary holidays, stay close to home, where culinary capitals and Michelin maestros conquer modern cuisine or venture further across the world to destinations like Japan, where hidden izakaya and centuries-old teahouses live in harmony between towering skyscrapers.  

To celebrate the foodie in every one of us, we’ve put together a selection of luxury culinary holidays suited to all party types, from wonderful short breaks in Europe to food-focused adventures further afield. We’ve got every gastronomic aspect covered on our holidays for foodies, from reserving tables at some of the finest restaurants to arranging private tours with expert guides, introducing you to the makers who tirelessly continue ancestral traditions to produce marvellous delicacies.   

Browse our selection of luxury culinary holidays. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not try our bespoke trip finder which allows you to modify your search results based on your preferences. Anything is possible with OROKO Travel. 


Italy Culinary Vacations 

Beloved worldwide for its delectable cuisine, Italy is a must-visit for food lovers. Its characterful cuisine has gifted the world with iconic favourites like cacio e pepe, risotto alla Milanese and coffee-laced tiramisu. Each region boasts a fascinating tapestry of flavours, brought together by centuries of history and tradition. Italian cuisine is seen by natives as an art form, beautiful in its simplicity. 

Culinary Holidays in Spain 

Spain is a destination that has risen to the top of food lovers’ bucket lists in recent years. Its cuisine is incredibly diverse thanks to its varied landscape and provincial identities, but also its dramatic history. From Moorish invasions to the Reconquista, the Spanish conquistadores and the colonial empire, each and every one of Spain’s regions have a story to tell, especially through their food. 

Japan for Food Lovers 

Luxury culinary holidays to Japan from Ireland are endlessly rewarding. Japanese food is an art form and the country’s cuisine offers plenty of gastronomical delights with a vast array of regional and seasonal dishes. From hole-in-the-wall ramen bars and casual izakaya to centuries-old ryotei and robot-themed restaurants, the dining options in Japan are boundless. Complement iconic dishes such as kushikatsu, ramen and sushi with sake from a local brewery or one of Japan’s acclaimed whiskies from Hokkaido. 

China for Foodies

China’s long history, vast size and rich culture have all heavily influenced its cuisine, making it the perfect destination for luxury culinary holidays from Ireland. With vast geographic and cultural variations, expect your tastebuds to be tantalised, tested and treated. Whether it’s a private dining experience in Hong Kong, a traditional Sichuan hotpot dinner in Chengdu or steamed buns and pancakes from a street stall in Beijing, there is an abundance of culinary experiences to enjoy during your luxury holiday. 

Food Lovers’ Road Trip through Spain

San Sebastian, Basque Country & La Rioja

Explore Experience

Culinary Highlights of Sorrento & Amalfi

Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & Capri

Explore Experience

Ultra Luxury Brazil for Families

Rio De Janeiro, Itacaré & Salvador

Explore Experience

Masterpieces of Florence & Rome by Rail

Italy's Florence & Rome

Explore Experience

Portugal for Food Lovers by Self Drive

Lisbon, Porto & the Douro Valley

Explore Experience

Self Drive from Spain’s Basque Country to Cantabria

San Sebastian, Bilbao, Comillas & Santillana del Mar

Explore Experience

Escape to the Vineyards of Bordeaux

Short Break in France’s Winelands

Explore Experience

Barefoot Luxury in Singapore & Langkawi

Singapore & Malaysia

Explore Experience

Hokkaido Explorer from Seoul to Tokyo by Rail

South Korea & Japan

Explore Experience

Floating Markets, Temples & Islands of Thailand

Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Koh Phangan

Explore Experience

Self Drive from Madrid to Spain’s Galician Capital

Madrid, Salamanca & Santiago de Compostela

Explore Experience

Deluxe Essence of China

Beijing, Xi’an, Lijiang, Chengdu & Hong Kong

Explore Experience

Romance in Northern Portugal & Spain’s Galicia

Porto, Douro Valley & Santiago de Compostela Road Trip

Explore Experience

Self Drive from Spain’s Basque Country to Catalonia

San Sebastian, Basque Country & Bilbao

Explore Experience

Romantic Highlights of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Lake Bled & Gorizia

Explore Experience

Discover Switzerland by Rail

Basel, St. Moritz & Zermatt

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From Spain’s Andalucia to Northern Morocco

Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Tangier, Fez, Rabat & Casablanca

Explore Experience

Complete Exploration of Spain’s Andalucia & Morocco

Granada, Seville, Sahara Desert, Marrakech & Casablanca

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Western Ghats & Sleepy Backwaters of India

Kerala, Periyar & Mararikulam Beach

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Classic Japan by Rail

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto & Osaka

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