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Luxury Holidays to Japan

A country of beautiful contrasts, we love the diversity of Japan. With refreshingly distinctive cities and neighbourhoods, it embraces both tradition and modernity. On luxury holidays to Japan, days of leisure can be spent wandering through beautiful temple gardens and narrow streets, filled with hidden izakaya and artisanal boutiques. There are endless ways to discover Japan. 

Japan’s incredible culture and character is wonderfully rewarding but difficult to discover. With OROKO, we have visited Japan numerous times and know what it takes to ensure the most seamless experience. Combatting language barriers and distinct cultural differences, it is paramount to have experience and luxury services on your side on luxury holidays to Japan. That is why we have partnered with outstanding local guides and arranged comprehensive services like portable Wi-Fi devices, in-depth recommendations and maps, transport passes, seat selection aboard bullet trains and luxury luggage forwarding services. To learn about visiting Japan on a luxury honeymoon, read our travel blog post: The honeymooners’ guide to the world.



Fresh from a futuristic film set, Tokyo is as contemporary as they come. But what sets it apart is its marvellous embracing of juxtaposition, celebrating the old and new. It simply is a must-visit on luxury holidays to Japan. Wherever you go, from Shibuya to Harajuku, you’ll always find a hint of the past hidden amid the bright modern lights. A fantastic highlight of any luxury holiday to Tokyo is its woodblock neighbourhood of Asakusa, which preserves the grandeur of the Edo period’s elusive geisha, kabuki actors and Shoguns of a bygone era.   


Although second in stardom to extraordinary Tokyo, Osaka promises its visitors an incomparable experience, assuring a picture of Japan at its most authentic. Drenched in neon lights and overflowing with street art and colourful buildings, both old and new, Osaka has a character of carefree fun, whilst still managing to maintain and respect its ancient history. A highlight of any luxury holiday to Osaka will be the marvellous street food as well as the castle, a beacon of Japanese heritage. 


Situated to the southwest of Tokyo, Hakone is a mountainous area dominated by Japan’s tallest peak, Mt. Fuji, offering a peaceful tranquillity in some of the finest hot springs in Japan. On a relaxing Japan holiday, experience the country’s historic culture and traditions in style during a visit to a ryokan, one of Hakone’s main attractions, before enjoying the varied flavours of Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course dinner, showcasing the chef’s skills and techniques. Dress in seasonal yukata and dine in a private room to really enjoy Hakone’s seasonal dishes.   


Japan’s spiritual heart, Kyoto is a masterpiece of religious architecture with some 2,000 temples and shrines throughout. Impervious to the modern city, chanting prayers resonate through Zen gardens and incense wafts through the air. Kyoto is also packed with every kind of eatery, from Michelin-starred restaurants to izakaya. Whether you’re exploring the swaying bamboo forest, sleeping in a ryokan, or viewing the cherry blossoms, a luxury holiday to Kyoto is a guaranteed way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. 


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