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Luxury Holidays to Namibia

Namibia boasts some of the world’s largest natural wonders within its borders. Among them are the etchings at Twyfelfontein, a collection of ancient rock art; Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon on the continent; and Namib Naukluft National Park, the largest protected reserve in Africa. On Namibia luxury holidays, witness the country’s unique desert-adapted elephants, lions, and black rhinoceros in Etosha National Park.

Our experts have visited this incredible country many times and will create tailored Namibia luxury holidays, with every single aspect taken care of in advance. Our first-hand knowledge and long-standing relationships with trusted African lodges mean that we can provide excellent value. When we arrange your luxury holidays in Namibia, we’ll ensure your tailored itinerary features the best wildlife tours, game drives and exclusive lodges. We are also committed to working with ‘conservation first’ suppliers who practice sustainable tourism.



Namibia’s adventure capital, the charming coastal town of Swakopmund is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Namib Desert, it is the perfect launchpad for an exploration of the towering golden dunes as well as the Skeleton Coast. Steeped in German colonial culture, the streets are lined with multi-coloured buildings which stand in stark contrast to the desert landscape. The ideal destination for thrill seekers, on Namibia luxury holidays, enjoy activities including sandboarding and skydiving. 


Situated in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei is undoubtedly Namibia’s most spectacular and best-known attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world. Characterised by the towering red dunes that surround it, Sossusvlei is a vast white, salt and clay pan. Despite the desert’s harsh conditions, an array of flora and fauna has adapted to survive here including jackal, ostrich, springbok, snakes, and geckos. An unmissable stop on your African adventure, Sossusvlei is well worth visiting on luxury holidays to Namibia. 

Etosha National Park 

One of the largest game reserves in Africa, Etosha National Park should not be missed on Namibia luxury holidays. The Etosha Pan, an immense flat, saline desert, is the definitive feature of the park, that for a few days each year, is transformed into a shallow lagoon teeming with pelican and flamingo. Surrounding the pan are open grasslands, woodland and permanent waterholes that act as a magnet for game including zebra, lion, elephant, wildebeest, cheetah, and white and black rhino. 

Unmissable moments

One of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in Africa, Twyfelfontein is a remarkable collection of rock engravings, with some dating back as early as 3000 BC. Located within Damaraland, home to one of the oldest tribes in the country, the San (bushmen), Twyfelfontein was declared Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. You can see more than 200 giraffes, zebra, elephant, eland, ostrich and even 100 rhinos etched and painted onto the rock. 


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