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Luxury Holidays to Mongolia

Very few people will get to experience the wonders of Mongolia. One of the world’s last wildernesses, the landlocked country is renowned for its nomadic culture that exists within its vast and rugged landscapes. On luxury holidays in Mongolia, embark on remarkable adventures and immersive experiences, from exploring the mesmerising Gobi Desert to the steppe of the central heartland.

Possibilities are endless when you embark on luxury holidays in Mongolia. One adventure is to set out across desert landscapes to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Experience homestays with locals, enjoy traditional feasts and take part in the remarkable tradition that is eagle hunting, experiencing the thrill of the hunt alongside the Kazakh nomads and their magnificent golden eagles.

Another adventure awaits in Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, where you can trek along the Tuul River, camp in luxurious yurts and stay with local herding families. Elsen Tasarkhai is where you’ll find camel herders riding along the dunes at sunset on these magnificent creatures. Venturing to the nearby foothills of Khugno Khaan Mountains on horseback is one of many other adventures that await on the wild expanses of Mongolia.



An urban city in a nomadic nation, Mongolia’s bustling, industrialised capital can seem like a paradox to the sweeping natural wonders that envelop it, the vast Steppe to the north and the Gobi Desert to the south. Set on the Tuul Go River and surrounded by sacred mountains, Ulaanbaatar is a sprawling metropolis of contrasts. The imposing Gandan Khiid Monastery enchants with the country’s Buddhist traditions, theatres host customary folklore performances while glass-walled high rises prove the city’s modern prowess.

Gobi Desert

Holidays to Mongolia are all about escapism, and The Gobi Desert is remoteness defined. Formed in the shadow of the Tibetan Plateau; the vastness of the Gobi has earned it its spot as Asia’s largest desert. Across the landscapes of red rock cliffs, rolling sand dunes and arid desert foliage, spot horses, gazelles and camels parading in this immense remoteness. Home to much of the nomadic families of Mongolia, it offers the opportunity to experience the country’s astonishingly diverse customs.

Altai Mountains

The snow-capped Altai Mountains are a mountain range in Central & East Asia where Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan converge. On the Mongolian side, the mountains are primarily home to the ethnic Kazakh minority as well rare wildlife including Argali sheep, curve-horned Ibex (wild goats) and the endangered snow leopard. On a luxury holiday to Mongolia, stay with a nomadic family and journey high into the mountains to hunt alongside them and their majestic golden eagles.


On a luxury holiday to Mongolia, we highly recommend embarking on a privately guided tour of the bustling capital, Ulaanbaatar. Start in Sukhbaatar Square where you will visit the National History Museum to explore the nation’s traditions and rich cultural heritage. Then continue to the impressive Choijin Lama and Migjid Janraisig temples, the latter which homes the towering Avalokitesvara statue. In the evening, enjoy a concert of traditional music & dance before dinner at one of the capital’s excellent restaurants.


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