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Luxury Cruise Holidays

Luxury cruise holidays are wonderfully rewarding, allowing you to explore vast stretches of ocean and anchor in remote and undisturbed destinations. The immense seas, oceans and rivers of our planet are a playground of exploration. In the modern world, anything is possible, whether you wish to traverse the icy waters of the Polar regions, explore the immense beauty of Japan’s subtropical islands, or wander the winding rivers of the Amazon Rainforest. OROKO will tailor your pre-and-post luxury cruise holidays to include anything you desire, from postcard-perfect beach adventures to cosmopolitan city escapes.     

Over the years, we have nurtured our partnerships with some of the most esteemed providers of luxury cruise holidays including Ponant, Quark, Silversea and Antarctica21. Our expert travel specialists will help you make the most of both the luxury cruise itself and the pre- and post-cruise stages of your luxury cruise holiday. Our long-standing relationships will also ensure unbeatable value and expertise.     

Browse our selection of luxury cruise holidays. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not try our bespoke trip finder which allows you to modify your search results based on your preferences. Anything is possible with OROKO Travel.  

Top Destinations for Luxury Cruise Holidays 


Be transported to one of earth’s last wildernesses on luxury cruise holidays to Antarctica. Say goodbye to civilisation as you journey through breathtakingly harsh and frozen landscapes, enveloped in an ice-encrusted silence. Drawing in adventure-seekers and avid explorers, the awe-inspiring landscapes enchant even the most experienced visitors. As you sail through the White Continent on board an expedition cruiser, experience once-in-a-lifetime encounters with some of the world’s most mysterious creatures, such as majestic orca, giant albatross and playful penguin, accompanied by an expert guide.    


Positioned between the swelling tides of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans is the largest island in the world, Greenland. Packed with plunging fjords, sparkling glaciers and the simply mesmerising Northern Lights, a luxury cruise holiday to Greenland is a must for any adventurer. Venture deep into the harsh landscape, weaving through imposing icebergs and towering glaciers to incredible wildlife like polar bears, humpbacks, white-tailed eagles and walruses. When you’re not tracking down awe-inspiring sightings, be sure to visit the native Inuit villages to see Greenland at its most authentic.    


Amongst the most iconic cruise voyages, set sail into the tropical waters of the Caribbean, fringed with white sandy beaches and swaying palms. On luxury cruises to the Caribbean, spend your days exploring the tropical paradise. Whether snorkelling in the teeming waters off the Bahamas, trekking through the verdant forests of St Lucia on horseback, or engaging in cultural experiences like visiting the nutmeg plantations of Grenada, Caribbean luxury cruise holidays are filled with spectacular beauty and exciting activities.  

Galapagos Islands

A luxury cruise holiday to the Galapagos is simply the best way to experience this magnificent destination. Famed for its distinctive wildlife, the Galapagos Islands, just off Ecuador’s coast are a must for wildlife enthusiasts. Home to plenty of exotic birds and marine animals, the archipelago is made up of 13 major islands, five medium islands and 215 islets. Days are made for cruising through the clusters of wildlife-rich islands, swimming alongside sharks, encountering unique mixes of animals like giant tortoises, sea lions and blue-footed boobies, and admiring the magnificent landscape.  

Dalmatian Coast & Ionian Sea Ponant Cruise

Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania & Greece

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Antarctica Luxury Expedition Cruise

Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Antarctica & San Antonio de Areco

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Cities of the Baltic Sea Cruise Holiday

Copenhagen, Gdansk, Helsinki, Stockholm

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Adventure Cruise Holiday to Greenland

Spitsbergen to Kangerlussuaq

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Luxury North Pole Expedition Cruise

Alaska, Beaufort Sea, Svalbard, Spitsbergen

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The Best of Provence on the Rhône Cruise Holiday

Le Bateaux Belmond

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Beauty of the Adriatic Cruise Holiday

Italy & Croatia

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The Beaches of the Caribbean Cruise Holiday

Barbados, St Lucia, The Grenadines, Grenada

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The Islands of the Aegean Sea Cruise Holiday

Athens, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes & Kusadasi

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Discovery of Central America Cruise Holiday

Tortuguero, Arenal, Monteverde, Belize, Honduras

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Jewels of the Indian Ocean Cruise & Tanzania Safari Holiday

Seychelles, Zanzibar, Tarangire and Ngorongoro

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Luxury Holiday from Singapore to Malaysia

Eastern & Oriental Express, A Belmond Train

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Luxury Cruise Holiday on the Rhine

Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne and Amsterdam

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Porto and the Douro River Valley Cruise Holiday

Porto, Salamanca, Douro River

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Cruise Holiday of Venice and the Towns of Veneto

Venice, Burano, Mazzorbo, Padua & Chioggia

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Cruise Holiday to the Heart of Europe on the Danube

Hungary, Austria and Germany

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Cruise Alaska’s Icy Waterways in Silversea Luxury

Seward, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan & Vancouver

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Ecuador and Galapagos Ultra Luxury Cruise

Quito, Andes, Amazon Rainforest & Galapagos Islands

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Venice to Athens in Silversea Cruise Luxury

Italy, Croatia, Montenegro & Greece

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Luxury Antarctica Silversea Expedition Cruise

Buenos Aires, Santiago, Antarctica & Millahue Valley

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