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Luxury Holidays to Guatemala

Set out on luxury holidays to Guatemala, an adventure destination dotted with 37 volcanoes, fascinating ancient ruins as well as both the highest mountain and deepest lake in Central America. One of the best places to learn of the Maya people that once ruled over Mesoamerica, Guatemala proudly clings to its ancient roots. Half of the country has been urbanised, with the rest remaining as naturally stunning now as it was in the days before Europeans landed in the Americas. 

At OROKO, we have unparalleled expertise in the world’s most extreme and diverse continent. We can customise your tailored luxury holidays to Guatemala with private airport transfers, exclusive experiences and the best boutique hotels. Every client has 24/7 support from our trusted partners to give you complete reassurance and confidence that you’re fully taken care of from day one. 



Mayan ruins soar above the jungles of Guatemala at the ancient site of Tikal National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the largest archaeological locations of the Maya civilisation. In the heart of the jungle, surrounded by lush vegetation, the Tikal ruins contain magnificent temples, palaces and plazas. Remains of dwellings are scattered throughout the surrounding countryside. As you walk from one building to another, pass under a canopy of rainforest, spotting monkeys, agoutis, foxes and turkeys.   


Set out into the jungle to the remote village and ancient Maya ruins of Uaxactún. Renowned for its ancient elaborate astronomical observatory, the archaeological site comprises several partially restored temples arranged to coincide with the sunrise on key dates. Tour the site and explore the village, while learning about the allspice, xate (used in floral arrangements) and chicle (natural gum) that locals collect from the jungle. For an unforgettable experience, camp under the stars among the ruins. 

Best time to travel 

The best time to enjot Guatemala holidays is from November to May, the dry season, promises bright blue skies and warm temperatures. Although, most visitors arrive to Guatemala in the drier months, much of the country is perfectly pleasant year-round due to its varied elevations and therefore varied climates. In the lowland areas and in the wet season, afternoon showers typically last just a couple of hours but can sometimes make journeys a little difficult, which is why expert travel knowledge is vital. 

Make it part of a luxury cruise 

Journey deep into the heart of Central America as you embark on a luxury cruise expedition that explores six magnificent countries. On your stop in Guatemala, admire its highlights on a guided exploration of the ancient colonial city of Antigua. Visit landmarks like Casa Santo Domingo and La Merced Church before continuing to La Azotea Cultural Centre and the adjacent coffee museum. In partnership with Ponant, set out across the Pacific to experience the natural and cultural highlights of Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. 

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