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Luxury Holidays to Ecuador

With more biodiversity per square kilometre than any other nation in the world, luxury Ecuador holidays capture the very essence of South America. One of South America’s smallest nations and one of only two not to share a border with Brazil, Ecuador is far more than the gateway to the Galapagos. From dense tropical rainforest to towering mountain ranges coated in snow, it’s essentially a continent in miniature form. Home to both the first and second ever UNESCO Heritage Sites, luxury Ecuador holidays are filled with wildlife, culture and natural wonder.

At OROKO, we have unparalleled expertise in the world’s most extreme and diverse continent. We can customise your tailor-made Ecuador luxury holidays with private airport transfers, exclusive experiences and the best of boutique hotels. Every client has 24/7 support from our trusted partners to give you complete reassurance and confidence that you’re fully taken care of from day one.



Cradled in the peaks of the Andean mountains lies the oldest city in Latin American, Quito. Unexpected of such a dramatic location, Ecuador’s capital thrives with glassy high-rises blended with the best-preserved colonial architecture and the least modified historic centre in Latin America. Experience Ecuadorian Sierra culture while exploring markets, tree-lined thoroughfares and traditional craft shops. On luxury holidays to Ecuador, make sure to visit the equatorial line at Mitad del Mundo  

Galapagos Islands

Famous for its unique and fearless wildlife, the Galapagos Islands, just off the coast of Ecuador, are best experienced by luxury cruise. Imagine swimming among sharks, walking alongside giant tortoises, sea lions, blue-footed boobies and immersing yourself in unique landscapes. The archipelago, considered an earthly paradise with 13 major islands, five medium islands and 215 islets, is the home of marine species and exotic birds. This conglomerate of life can be admired up close as you discover dreamy natural scenarios.  

Amazon Rainforest

A jungle filled with exceptional flora, thrilling wildlife, and indigenous territories; Ecuador’s Amazon is every adventurer’s dream destination. Giant water lilies, passion flowers and monkey brush vines are just some of the iconic members of the region’s unique plant life. On luxury holidays to Ecuador’s Amazon, visit colourful parrot clay licks, take a canoe night safari to spot caiman and bats, get involved with local Amazon communities and venture along forest trails, all the while looking out for the enchanting wildlife which resides within the forest canopy.  

Hike Ecuador’s Highlands

Bursting with heritage and tradition, the Andes Mountains are home to incredible history and fantastic landscapes. Among the world’s largest mountain ranges, the landscape is a diverse formation of volcanoes, forests, lakes, glaciers and grasslands. Dotted throughout, ancient ruins and historic cities create a wonderful combination of culture and adventure. On Ecuador luxury holidays explore the heart of the Andes, discovering the forests, high-altitude cities and beautiful towns. A hiker’s paradise, trek through the ancient landscapes of the Andes.  


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