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Luxury Holidays to Peru

One of the most popular destinations for travellers in seek of adventure, Peru is a land of spectacular Inca heritage, mountain peaks and warm, welcoming people. Luxury holidays to Peru are best started in Lima. To the south of the country’s bustling capital lie the Nazca desert lines with its colossal animal shapes created hundreds of years ago and are only visible from the air. To the east are the mighty Andes with its superb hiking and historic ruins at every turn. In this land of extremes lies the Amazon Rainforest, home to isolated jungle communities and an amazing variety of plant and animal life.

At OROKO, we have unparalleled expertise in the world’s most extreme and diverse continent. We can customise your luxury Peru holidays with private airport transfers, exclusive experiences, and the best hotels. Every client has 24/7 support from our trusted partners to give you complete reassurance and confidence that you’re fully taken care of from day one on your luxury holidays to Peru from Ireland.



Sitting atop a long coastline of craggy cliffs, Peru’s capital city of Lima is steeped in history. Known as the City of Kings, Lima’s sprawling metropolis is flanked by rolling hills sweeping valleys, and pristine beaches outlined by the Pacific Ocean. The city is enveloped by beautiful Spanish colonial vestiges, stately museums, contemporary art galleries and electric bars. Also regarded as South America’s culinary capital, Lima boasts world-class restaurants and authentic local eateries that offer a striking mix of flavours.


The archaeological capital of Peru, Cusco is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas, a legacy that brings with it the gateway to the Inca Empire. Situated in the foothills of the Andes, Cusco is a beguiling blend of cobblestone streets, period architecture and an unmistakable Peruvian spirit. Incan temples co-exist beside Spanish-colonial cathedrals and hints of modern life. A trip to Cusco would not be complete without visiting the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

Machu Picchu

Hidden amongst majestic mountain peaks and shrouded by mist, the great Inca ruins of Machu Picchu are a gateway to Peru’s ancient past.One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the 15th-century citadel ruins are a testament to the engineering genius and layered history of this ancient civilisation. Some of our favourite ways to experience Machu Picchu on luxury holidays in Peru are on a luxury rail journey or on a multi-day hike along the Inca Trail.

Sacred Valley

Alongside the city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley serves as the gateway to Machu Picchu. Tucked away in the Andes, the basin valley is peppered with colonial towns and isolated weaving villages, home to bustling markets and Incan ruins like the citadels of Písac and Ollantaytambo. The mountainous landscapes are perfect for adventure seekers looking to hike, rock climb or kayak the Vilcabamba-Urubamba River, while nature lovers will adore the fascinating salt pools and hot springs hidden in the valley.


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