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Luxury Holidays to Iceland

Iceland is an island full of natural wonders, a place where lava fields, glaciers and hot springs define the landscape. Luxury Iceland holidays offer the perfect setting for adventurous couples and families to make everlasting memories. A country that promises once-in-a-lifetime moments, explore the Golden Circle on a super Jeep tour, experience the Northern Lights by night cruise, relax in the geothermal Blue Lagoon spa and speed down a glacier aboard a snowmobile. 

Our purpose is to create experiential, personalised luxury Iceland holidays at a great price. On Iceland luxury holidays with OROKO, we will make the destination come alive with exclusive experiences, marvellous discoveries and the best accommodation around. We have partnerships with expert English-speaking guides that will ensure you get the most out of a holiday to the land of fire and ice. 



Reykjavik is the perfect base when embarking on a luxury Iceland holiday. A cosmopolitan break from the geysers and glaciers of rugged Iceland, Reykjavik is a beautifully historic and bustling city, within easy reach of Iceland’s most loved geothermal wonders. Known for its incredible architecture and Viking legacy, wander through charming streets, steeped in history, before sampling Iceland’s thriving food scene and impressive craft beers.

Golden Circle

An explorer-curated loop of natural wonders in southwest Iceland, the Golden Circle is made up of Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss Waterfall. Thingvellir is the only UNESCO World Heritage site on mainland Iceland and is home to the ruins of old stone shelters. On an Iceland luxury holiday, don’t miss the Great Geysir, a hot spring and the first geyser known to modern Europeans.  

Best time to travel

Warmer temperatures make April – September the best months to holiday in Iceland for incredible activities such as exploring the Golden Circle on a super Jeep tour, relaxing in the geothermal Blue Lagoon spa and speeding down a glacier aboard a snowmobile. To admire the glow of the midnight sun and for the remarkable hiking opportunities Iceland offers, the summer months prove best. For the finest opportunity to feast your eyes on the Northern Lights, the dark night skies from September to March grant visitors the best chance. 

Unmissable moments: The Northern Lights

The dancing lights of the captivating Aurora Borealis are undeniably a necessary experience on any luxury holiday to Iceland. Perhaps embark on a Northern Lights cruise from Reykjavik Harbour. Leave the city lights and cruise further into the ocean until there are dark clear skies overhead, the optimum setting for viewing the spectacle. From here, you will get the chance to see the magical Aurora display over the bay. 



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