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Luxury Holidays to Papua New Guinea

The remarkable wilds of Papua New Guinea are home to marvellous unexplored native villages and rugged heartlands. Discovery defined, luxury Papua New Guinea holidays offer unimaginable experiences with local tribes who continue the unique traditions and cultural ceremonies of their ancestors. From the hidden jungle trails to the performances of the flamboyant tribespeople, prepare for an off-the-grid adventure like never before.

When you journey off the grid, it’s paramount that you have knowledgeable expertise by your side. On a luxury holiday to Papua New Guinea, we’ll be with you every step of the way, taking you through the wilds that inspired us to travel. We’ve long-standing partnerships with local English-speaking guides and remote lodges, promising you outstanding value from start to finish. Our 24/7 support, local representatives and bespoke services ensure that your journey is seamless, so that you can concentrate on nothing but the wonders of the South Pacific.


Combine with Australia on a luxury cruise  

While mostly used as a starting and finishing point of luxury cruises to Papua New Guinea, at OROKO, we love to squeeze in some highlights of Australia’s port cities on our exploration of the islands. Start your journey marine side, in Cairns or Darwin before boarding your cruise ship. After your once-in-a-lifetime cruise comes to a close, spend time in a luxurious beachside resort in Darwin or a hotel overlooking the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns.  

Trek the wilds of Papua New Guinea 

On luxury Papua New Guinea holidays, set out on a life-changing trekking expedition alongside the best local guides. Our partners on the ground have unrivalled tribal relationships, allowing you to interact with the native tribespeople of Melpa before starting your climb up the misty slopes of Mount Giluwe. Traverse the trails of the forest and sleep under the stars on the river’s edge, a defining moment of remote luxury along your journey.

Karawari River 

A tributary of the impressive Sepik River, Karawari River serves as the main method of transportation in the region. Gain an incredible insight into the lives of the tribespeople who live along the banks as you journey along the peaceful river. Stop off at local villages to meet locals, witness ceremonial dances and traditional celebrations. After strolling past the traditional houses, admire wonderful handmade creations like woven baskets, carved masks and sculptures. 

Unmissable moments 

Celebrated for its marvellous tribal cultures, Papua New Guinea is home to hundreds of unique tribes and languages. On a luxury holiday to Papua New Guinea with OROKO, we’ll take you to on excursions to lakeside villages, gaining insight into the daily lives of various tribes. Tour the villages of the famed Huli tribe, who take pride in their traditional bila dress and create elaborate headpieces using flowers, moss and colourful bird feathers. Discover the traditions and customs of the Melpa tribe, who continue the traditional farming methods of their ancestors. 


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