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Luxury Holidays to Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, is loved for its wonderful amalgamation of cultures. From the traditional Arabian customs to the noticeable European nuances, cities like Marrakech, Fes and Tangier are alive with cosmopolitan character. For a real adventure, venture outside the cities, visiting remote Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains and journeying by camel through the sands of the Sahara Desert.    

Morocco is close to our hearts, having visited countless times throughout the years. We’ve explored every corner of the wonderful kingdom, creating a little book filled with restaurant recommendations, boutique riads and luxury experiences. When you embark on a luxury holiday to Morocco with OROKO, you’ll journey like a local, accompanied by the reassurance of our expert knowledge, 24/7 support, luxury on the ground representatives and of course, our incredible track record.   



Casablanca is the emblem of contemporary Moroccan sophistication. Tall, white-washed buildings line the centre, while the corniche seafront district is dotted with luxury hotels, restaurants and beach clubs. The city is not without its historic areas either and according to UNESCO, the city was an experimental laboratory of 20th-century architectural design. Hassan II Mosque is one of the largest in the world, and handsome Moorish buildings can be found throughout the downtown area. 


One of our favourite destinations for a short break holiday or for a spot of sunshine is Marrakech. A whirlwind of colours, bewitching snake charmers and fragrant spices, backgrounded by the sounds of sintir players, Marrakech is home to a blend of traditional Arabian customs and noticeable European nuances. On a luxury holiday to Marrakech, tour the medieval city, a maze of souk-lined cobblestoned lanes, perfumed by the aromas of delicious street food. A sharp contrast is the collection of palaces, mosaics and pristine gardens of the “new city”.  

Atlas Mountains

The dramatic landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, the highest mountain range in North Africa, are dotted with ultra-remote Berber villages and plenty of excellent trekking opportunities. In the winter, the peaks are frosted with snow and in the summer, the verdant valley floors are carpeted with wildflowers. On a luxury holiday to the Atlas Mountains, join an expert mountain guide for a mountain hike, paying visits to some of the surrounding Berber villages with the chance to experience traditional rural life with the local women.  

Sahara Desert

Millions of years old, each desert’s origin story inspires pure wonderment. The once-submerged-under-water Sahara is no different. From the mysterious Tuareg people, first recorded in the fifth century BC who still roam the Saharan sands today, to remote camps and camel trekking, life of thousands of years ago is maintained not only in landscape but in culture. Take adventurous 4×4 rides into the heart of the desert, admire the glorious sunrise and sunset and dine by the campfire under an unimpeded canopy of stars. 


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