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Luxury Holidays to Lithuania

The largest of the Baltic states, Lithuania was once a powerful medieval kingdom that far exceeded its size, with plenty of magnificent evidence of its illustrious history dotted throughout the verdant landscape. Luxury holidays in Lithuania allow you to tour untouched countryside, visiting lakeside wooden villages and historic landmarks or venture into the cosmopolitan capital city, Vilnius, a famous hot air balloon destination, home to an awe-inspiring visual of brightly coloured balloons drifting over the skyline. Below is a cobblestoned city, teeming with history and vibrant culture and what is considered to be Europe’s largest Baroque Old Town.

Each of our tailored luxury holidays in Lithuania promise outstanding value with stays and experiences with our super-connected partners. We ensure a seamless trip, taking care of all the little extras including fast track, flights, accommodation and private transfers.



Home to Eastern Europe’s largest Baroque Old Town, as well as an independent republic (a collective of artists in the creative neighbourhood of Užupis, declared independence of the district in 1997), Vilnius has a complex and fascinating history. Learn more about its storied past with visits to the Palace of Grand Dukes, the Tolerance Centre, and The Holocaust Museum. For a spectacular birds-eye view of the city, head to the summit of the Hill of Three Crosses or Gediminas Hill.


Given the complexity of the capital city’s Soviet history, we highly recommend that you partake in a privately guided walking tour through the cobbled streets of the Baroque Old Town. Your English-speaking guide will bring you to various sites including the Museum of Genocide Victims, Tolerance Centre, and Gediminas Castle. You will also get to visit the creative, independent neighbourhood of Užupis, where a 41-point constitution is proudly on display and even get your passport stamped at the information centre.

Best Time to Visit

Lithuania is defined by four distinct seasons. Although spring officially starts in March, there will still be snow on the ground, so April is an ideal time to visit as this is when the springtime colours truly transform the landscape. Late May is also a great time to visit as the cobbled streets won’t be overcrowded. For warmer temperatures, beach days on the coast and exploring the great outdoors, the summer months of June to August prove best for this.

Unmissable Moments

Given that Vilnius is a famous hot air balloon destination, home to an awe-inspiring visual of vibrant balloons drifting over the skyline, a balloon ride is undeniably an unmissable experience and a great way to see the capital city from a different perspective. Glide over the spires and the treetops or opt to go slightly further afield and see the island castle at Trakai. After you land, you will take part in a special induction ceremony and receive a certificate.

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