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Luxury Holidays to Uganda

Uganda is a unique experience for those searching for a unique adventure and go beyond game viewing from a four-wheel drive vehicle. On Uganda luxury holidays, experience once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trekking, which has long been considered a highlight, and with good reason. Outside the Uganda gorilla safaris, other major draws of Uganda include birding, trekking the forest reserves, and visiting the Nile’s source at Lake Victoria in the southern part of the country. Uganda is as authentic as it gets. 

Our Uganda luxury holidays are expertly curated by our Africa Specialists here in OROKO who have visited this wonderful destination many times. When you book a luxury holiday to Uganda with OROKO, we will recommend the best lodges and camps as well as unique experiences that you would simply not find online yourself. Our first-hand knowledge and long-standing relationships with iconic African lodges mean that we can provide excellent value. We’ll ensure your itinerary features the best wildlife tours, game drives and exclusive lodges. OROKO are also committed to working with ‘conservation first’ suppliers who practise sustainable tourism. 


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest 

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is an ancient rainforest covering a section of the ridges of the Virunga Volcanoes Mountain Range. Home to almost half of the world’s population of mighty mountain gorilla, the forest is a hugely important frontline of gorilla conservation. Also lauded for its sensational biodiversity, thought to be one of Africa’s most biologically diverse forests, expect to see a huge assortment of flora and fauna amongst the dense forest verdure.

Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts the largest variety of wildlife amongst all parks in Uganda. Visitors can set out on game drives in search of four of the illusive “Big Five” (lion, leopard, African bush elephant, and the African buffalo) or enhance your safari experience with a cruise down the Kazinga Channel in the Mweya portion of the National Park. Enjoy sightings of hippo, crocodiles, elephants and buffalo as you gently cruise through the shallows of the river. 

Unmissable Moments 

There is no experience on earth quite as special as encountering a family of mountain gorillas in the wild. Alongside local expert guides, battle through jungle forests on your search for adrenaline-filled encounters with the gorillas. Watch as the silverbacks eat, groom each other and play among the trees; simply unforgettable. Other major highlights of Uganda include birding, trekking the forest reserves and visiting the Nile’s source at Lake Victoria in the southern part of the country.  

Best time to travel 

Conditions for gorilla trekking in Uganda are best during the short dry season from January to February and the long dry season, from June to September, when less rain promises jungle trails that are less slippery and less muddy and forest vegetation that is less thick. While the rainforest is naturally very wet and rain is often impossible to avoid, the dry season increases visitors’ chances of a more comfortable and successful trek. 


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