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Luxury Holidays to Madagascar

A place of untamed natural beauty, the island of Madagascar is home to some of the most diverse terrain in the world. Holidays in Madagascar allow you to explore verdant rainforest, home to incredible wildlife like the giant leaf-tailed gecko, stump-tailed chameleon, and mouse lemurs. Stunning landscapes of the Spiny Forest and its ancient baobab trees grace the southern part of the island, promising one of the most fantastic views in all of Africa.

Home to over 5,000 kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline, Madagascar exceeds and excels at beachside luxury. Surrounding islands and the marine rich, crystal clear waters promise unbeatable diving and snorkelling holidays, where guests can dive deep into the underwater world alongside giant lobster, manta rays and leopard shark.

One of the last destinations to be widely untouched by tourism, luxury holidays in Madagascar offer an exclusive island experience. We’ve been lucky enough to visit many times and know the best ways to appreciate its wild beauty. We’ve partnerships with outstanding luxury resorts and lodges and team up with expert local guides to introduce you to the exceptional terrain of Madagascar.


Zombitse National Park

Located in southwest Madagascar, Zombitse National Park comprises dry, deciduous forests, marshes and savannahs and is home to eight species of lemur as well as unique flora and fauna, most of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is also a great place for birdwatching, with most species endemic to the country, making it the perfect destination for avid wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba, a volcanic island located off the north-west coast of Madagascar, is renowned for its lemur population, who are considered sacred and therefore a protected species that can’t be hunted or disturbed. The best place to spot the lemurs is at the Lokobe Strict Reserve, a short boat trip from the island. Due to its rugged terrain, Nosy Komba is also a great place for hiking. For a fantastic 360˚ panorama, head to the peak of Antaninaomby.

Best Time to Visit

Madagascar enjoys gorgeous weather almost all year round, with temperatures ranging between 20˚ – 29˚C, however the best time to visit is between April – December, depending on what type of activities you want to do. For beachgoers, September – November proves best. At higher altitudes, May – October is the ideal time for hiking. Wildlife enthusiasts should visit in April, May, October or November to be guaranteed the best sightings.


At OROKO, one of our favourite ways to holiday in Madagascar is to combine it with Ethiopia. Experience the spectacular culture and traditions of Ethiopia’s indigenous tribes before heading to Madagascar to discover the island’s marvellously unique wildlife (such as leaf-tailed geckos, stump-tailed chameleon, and mouse lemurs) at the Amber and Ankarana National Parks.


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