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Luxury Holidays to Spain

The birthplace of flamenco, matadors and the legend of Don Quixote, Spain is a destination of deep-rooted tradition, passion and pride. From the dancing Andalusian horses of Cordoba to the Moorish palaces and mansions of Sevilla, charming Andalusia is the gateway to historic Spain. On a luxury holiday to Spain’s heartlands, encounter the ancient aqueduct of Segovia, Alcázar of Toledo and the glamorous capital of Madrid. The north will take you into a land of beautiful countryside, striking coastline and world-renowned gastronomic culture. One of the most beloved beach destinations in Europe, Spain’s celebrated coastline and idyllic islands are home to luxurious resorts, glamorous villas and spectacular beaches.

We love Spain’s diversity and vibrant character. We’ve lived and travelled extensively throughout Spain, both in its famed destinations and to lesser-explored regions like Cantabria and Castilla La Mancha. Throughout the years, we’ve built long-standing partnerships and have continued to visit, continuously refreshing our knowledge and renewing our love for Spain. Whether you’re in search of a beach escape, cultural exploration or culinary adventure, we’re ready to create the perfect bespoke holiday to Spain.


Canary Islands 

Spain’s Canary Islands have long been a firm favourite with families and couples looking for year-round sunshine. Home to spectacular beaches, mountainous heartlands and exceptional resorts, it offers a fool-proof sun holiday closer to home. Wherever you choose to experience your luxury holiday to the Canary Islands, whether it’s on the sands of Gran Canaria or the coastline of Tenerife, we have the partnerships and knowledge to create your dream luxury holiday to the Spanish islands.


Rich with distinctive art, one of Andalucía’s main draws are the traces of Moorish rule that have shaped the architecture of its historic cities. From the beautiful mercados to the royal palaces and alcázars of Moorish Spain, particularly in Granada and Seville, discover the momentous Moorish and Jewish legacies left behind. To admire the natural beauty, self-drive to the rural farmlands of Montecorto, the beachside icon of Marbella and the nature reserve of Cabo de Gata. Jerez del la Frontera is where you’ll experience the best of flamenco and the cultural history of caballeros and their Andalusian horses.


With its own language, unique local customs and distinct culinary heritage, a luxury holiday to Catalonia is very different to anywhere else in Spain. To the north, hiking trails weave their way between the valleys of the Pyrenees, the sun shimmers on the pristine beaches of the Costa Brava and Girona impresses with its many Michelin-starred eateries. In the south, history comes alive through the Romanesque art, medieval monasteries and Roman ruins of Tarragona. While at Catalonia’s heart, Barcelona beckons with ancient temples and the whimsical creations of Gaudi.

Northern Spain & Basque Country

Differing greatly from the rest of the mainland, northerners are known for their strong traditions, cultural pride and culinary geniuses. The makings of an incredible road trip, stop to experience the wonderful culture, admire the historical monuments, sample the delicious food and sip on superb wine in destinations like San Sebastian in Basque Country. The beating heart of Spain’s food scene, Basque Country is an autonomous community sitting on Spain’s border with France and is an essential stop for food lovers. 

Wellness Retreat to Spain’s Costa Blanca

Alicante, Spain

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Road Trip through Spain, from Madrid to Valencia

Madrid, Cuenca, Valencia and Javea

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Self Drive from Madrid to Spain’s Galician Capital

Madrid, Salamanca & Santiago de Compostela

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Food Lovers’ Road Trip through Spain

San Sebastian, Basque Country & La Rioja

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Adventure in Spain’s Western Canary Islands

La Gomera & La Palma

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Romance in Northern Portugal & Spain’s Galicia

Porto, Douro Valley & Santiago de Compostela Road Trip

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Hidden Balearic Islands for Couples

Ibiza & Formentera, Spain

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Self Drive from Madrid to Spain’s Medieval Heart

Madrid, Toledo & Caceres

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Family Self Drive Discovery of Andalucia

Granada, Seville & Marbella, Spain

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Romantic Road Trip to Spain’s Andalucia

Granada & Cabo de Gata

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Best of the Balearic Islands for Families

Mallorca & Menorca, Spain

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Self Drive Holiday to Spain & Portugal

Extremadura, Andalucia & Eastern Algarve

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Luxury in Andalucia

Seville, Montecorto & Estepona

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Best of Mallorca & Ibiza

Balearic Islands, Spain

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Family Self Drive along Spain’s Costa Brava

Barcelona, Girona & Costa Brava

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Romantic Self Drive to Spain’s Costa Brava

Barcelona, Girona & Cadaques

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Self Drive from Spain’s Basque Country to Catalonia

San Sebastian, Basque Country & Bilbao

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Luxury Family Self Drive Holiday in Andalucia

Marbella & Granada, Spain

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Luxury Self Drive through Spain’s Historic Andalucia

Granada, Cordoba & Seville

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Self Drive from Spain’s Basque Country to Cantabria

San Sebastian, Bilbao, Comillas & Santillana del Mar

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