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Luxury Holidays to Iran

One of the most fascinating destinations in the Middle East, luxury Iran holidays are ideal for those that love to explore vibrant cultures. From the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis to the colourful buildings and fragrant rose gardens of Shiraz, it is little wonder that Iran is soon becoming a popular holiday destination for culture enthusiasts. One of the world’s oldest civilisations, it is not only celebrated for its historic treasures but also its ancient landscapes of vast stretches of arid desert and the Zagros mountain range.

Iran is a wonderful destination that has yet to be explored by many. Expertise and knowledge are key to a seamless luxury trip through the ancient country of the Middle East. We’re experts in adventure, authenticity and exploring off the grid. On luxury Iran holidays, we’ll be with you every step of the way, with local representatives, 24/7 support and partnerships with the best accommodation throughout your stay.



Enveloped by the snow-capped Alborz Mountains, Iran’s capital is the country’s most secular and liberal city. As you wander through this captivating metropolis, you will be transported on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history as you explore the magnificent Golestan Palace and nearby Grand Bazaar as well as the spectacular Azadi Tower and former US Embassy. Then head to one of the city’s many serene gardens, cafes or traditional teahouses to relax and refuel.


On your luxury holiday to Iran, we highly recommend embarking on a privately guided tour of the historical city of Yazd, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your expert, English-speaking guide will bring you to various sites such as the captivating Towers of Silence, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Alexander’s Prison (named after Alexander the Great) and the exquisite Water Museum. Other must-see sites include the striking Masjed-e Jameh and Amir Chakhmaq mosques and the Imam Zadeh Jafar shrine. 

Unmissable Moments

A luxury Iran holiday would be incomplete without an overnight stay in a Silk Road caravanserai. These roadside inns are a legacy of Persian culture. The Zein-o-din Caravanserai, which dates from the 16thcentury, is one of the few inns from the ancient Silk Road that is still in use. Be immersed in history as you sleep in your stilted room, dine on traditional dishes and stargaze from the caravanserai’s rooftop.  

Best Time to Visit

Iran is defined by four distinct seasons. However, the best time to visit is from late March – early June and September – early November, to avoid the searing heat in summer and the bitter cold in winter. Temperatures during these months range between 14-30˚C. It’s important to note that spring is high season as it coincides with Nowruz (Persian New Year, which lasts 2 weeks from March 21st). If you want to avoid the crowds, visiting Iran in autumn is preferable.


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