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Holidays to Jordan

A destination of escapism, Jordan is a wonderland of ancient wonders. From the healing waters of the Dead Sea to the red sands of Wadi Rum, it is surreal and other-worldly. Archaeological remains cannot compare with the brilliance of Petra, where a lost sandstone city is carved deeply into the mountain rock. A luxury holiday to Jordan allows us to experience what we never imagined possible, whether it be camping under the desert moon, floating in the spiritual waters of the Dead Sea or following Bedouin guides deep into the desolate canyon trails of Wadi Rum.  


Thanks to our inside knowledge and long-standing relationships with local guides, we offer authentic experiences that are difficult for most to discover. We continuously revisit the wonders of Jordan, accompanying Bedouin guides through the routes you will take and stay in the same accommodation as you will. This ensures our tailored holidays to Jordan are expertly curated, and that we can offer you the best possible value.  


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