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Luxury Holidays to Osaka

Although second in stardom to extraordinary Tokyo, Osaka promises its visitors an incomparable experience, assuring a picture of Japan at its most authentic. We love tailoring Osaka holidays, introducing you to a city drenched in neon lights and overflowing with street art and colourful buildings, both old and new. Its character is carefree, whilst still managing to maintain and respect its ancient history.  Highlights of luxury Osaka holidays include the marvellous street food as well as the castle, a beacon of Japanese heritage surrounded by blooming pastel cherry blossoms in spring. After sundown, stroll through the lively streets of Dotonbori, a gallery of brightly lit shops and restaurants where it is near impossible to refuse a delicious kushikatsu or takoyaki at a local stall.

Japan’s incredible culture and character is wonderfully rewarding but difficult to discover. With OROKO, we have visited Japan numerous times and know what it takes to ensure the most seamless experience. Combatting language barriers and distinct cultural differences, it is paramount to have experience and luxury services on your side on luxury holidays in Osaka. That is why we have partnered with outstanding local guides and arranged comprehensive services like portable Wi-Fi devices, in-depth recommendations and maps, transport passes, seat selection aboard bullet trains and luxury luggage forwarding services. We will be with you every step of the way. 


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