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Luxury Holidays to Malawi

A landlocked country in south-eastern Africa, Malawi is beautifully defined by its lush green countryside of extensive highlands, plateaus, forests and river valleys. Lake Malawi is a superb natural highlight, offering not only peaceful lake experiences but beachside stays and outstanding diving opportunities. The rising star in wildlife tourism, Malawi’s wildlife reserves and national parks are flourishing. Once destroyed by poaching, recent efforts have seen an enormous resurgence of wildlife and all members of the Big Five can be witnessed here. Lesser explored than the famed parks of its neighbours, a luxury holiday to Malawi offers a more exclusive experience where you’ll be alone on the plains with your expert guide and Africa’s greatest wildlife.

Our Africa Specialists will recommend the best accommodation as well as unique experiences to enhance your Malawi luxury holidays. Our first-hand knowledge and long-standing relationships with local properties means that we can provide excellent value. OROKO are also committed to working with ‘conservation first’ suppliers who practice sustainable tourism.



A luxury holiday to Malawi is incomplete without a stay on the peaceful, lesser-explored shores of Lake Malawi. Stay in a luxury beach lodge on the banks of the lake and spend your days snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and embarking on sunset cruises in the clear, calm waters. Lake Malawi is considered a biodiverse treasure as many of its species are not found anywhere else in the world.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Malawi is from May to November. During this time, you are guaranteed sunshine and temperatures ranging between 18-33˚C, though September and October are the hottest months. This time of year is the most ideal for game viewing because much of the vegetation has thinned out and the animals are concentrated at rivers and around permanent waterholes. The great thing is that although it’s high season, Malawi doesn’t get as crowded as other destinations

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