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Luxury Holidays to Turkmenistan

Shrouded in mystery, Turkmenistan holidays are reserved for the most curious travellers. The gilded capital city of Ashgabat is a beacon of grandeur with extravagant palaces, kaleidoscopic boulevards and mesmerising architecture. A striking contrast, meet the Nokhur tribespeople in their village of tiny alleyways lined with humble houses, made of stacked stone, and ornamented with carved timbers, found nowhere else in Turkmenistan. On luxury Turkmenistan holidays, visit the oldest cultured breed of horse in the world before venturing into the Karakum Desert to the Darvaza Gas Crater, a natural gas field which has been burning since 1971, otherwise known as the “Door to Hell”.

At OROKO, we have unparalleled expertise in the world’s most remote and undiscovered destinations. We can customise your tailor-made luxury Turkmenistan holidays with private airport transfers, exclusive experiences and the best boutique hotels and camps in Turkmenistan. Every client has 24/7 support from our trusted partners to give you complete reassurance and confidence that you’re fully taken care of from day one.



The capital and largest city of Turkmenistan, sandwiched between the Kopet Dag Mountain Range and the Karakum Desert, Ashgabat (the ‘city of love’ in Arabic) was rebuilt in the Soviet style following an earthquake in 1948 and is characterised by sumptuous marble palaces, glistening gold domes and vast expanses of manicured parkland. On luxury Turkmenistan holidays, embark on a guided tour of Ashgabat, visiting the Independence Park and Arch of Neutrality as well as Gypjak Mosque, Turkmenistan Independence Monument and National Museum of History.

Karakum Desert 

Covering most of Turkmenistan, Karakum Desert (which translates to Black Sand) is one of the largest in Central Asia and on earth. Dominating three-quarters of the region, it is located between the foothills of the Kopet Dag, Karabil and Vanhyz mountain ranges. The main tourist draw is the unusual Darvaza Gas Crater (also known as the Door to Hell), a natural gas field turned crater which has been burning continuously since 1971, when it was set alight by the Soviets.

Combine with Uzbekistan 

At OROKO, one of our favourite ways to holiday in Turkmenistan is to combine it with Uzbekistan. On this luxury holiday, you will discover the lesser-explored Great Silk Road cities of both countries. Starting in Uzbekistan, you will travel through Tashkent, Samarkand, the foothills of the Gissar Mountains, Bukhara, the Old Town of Khiva, and Nukus. Then cross the border into Turkmenistan, where you will visit the Karakum Desert and Darvaza Gas Crater, Ashgabat, and Nokhur Tribal Village.

Complete Discovery of Central Asia’s Silk Road 

We love multi-destination holidays here at OROKO and one of our favourite ways to holiday in Turkmenistan is to combine it with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The ultimate expedition across Central Asia’s Silk Road, over 20 nights, visit Almaty, Issy-Kul Lake, Bishkek, Tashkent, Khujand, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Nukus, Darvaza and Ashgabat, exploring incredible landscapes from burgeoning mountain valleys to ancient desert sands. Tailored experiences will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, history and traditions of each country.

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