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Luxury Holidays to Gabon

One of the last African wildernesses, Gabon is a holiday destination where iconic wildlife roam freely on the unexplored plains. A destination little known to the western world, luxury Gabon holidays promises a more personalised and rewarding safari experience. On guided adventures through its national parks, track down mighty wildlife like lowland gorilla, red river hog, forest elephant and one of the most celebrated species of primate, the mandrill. As you venture to the coast of Gabon, experience the beauty of the marine world. Loango National Park is one of the finest destinations to witness humpback whales breaching the water, just metres from the boat.

The beauty of Gabon is that it is lesser explored that its neighbours, promising a wildlife experience without the crowds. We are experts in adventure and have spent years creating partnerships with the finest local guides to ensure our guests experience the very best of its rainforests, mangroves, savannahs, and rugged coastline. We work alongside the best experiential lodges, promising sustainable experiences at the best value on our luxury Gabon holidays.


Best Time to Visit

Gabon has an equatorial climate, with an average daily temperature of 26˚C year-round. For optimal wildlife spotting including elephants, buffalos, hippos, gorillas, and humpback whales, the dry season of May – September is the best time to visit, with July and August being the driest months. There is also a mini dry season from December to January so this would be an ideal time to visit if you wanted a winter sun holiday to Gabon.

Unmissable Moments

A luxury holiday to Gabon for those who love unspoilt nature and native wildlife, wouldn’t be complete without a safari expedition deep into the country’s major national parks – Loango and Pongara. During your stay in Loango, you will have the opportunity to take part in guided gorilla trekking and forest elephant spotting on foot. Whilst in Pongara National Park, embark on whale watching trips, night-time excursions to view the sea turtles and private mangrove safaris.


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