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Luxury Holidays to Central African Republic

Right in the heart of Africa, the landlocked country of the Central African Republic is home to expansive forests, rolling hills and desert-like savannahs. An outstanding holiday destination for wildlife adventures, this is the place to find the mystifying lowland gorilla as well as fascinating, black-bellied pangolin, Nile crocodile and the green and black mamba. Our luxury Central African Republic holidays promise the optimum combination of gorilla tracking and safari, where one can set out on the plains to witness Africa’s cats including lion, leopard and cheetah.

At OROKO, all of our luxury Central African Republic holiday packages are  tailored to each client’s needs. We’ll introduce you to incredibly remote eco-lodges and take you on exclusive journeys with expert guides. Thanks to our first-hand knowledge and expertise, we’ve created unique holidays throughout the years, taking clients on mesmerising discoveries like walking alongside the hunter-gatherers of the Ba’aka Pygmy Tribe and spending afternoons in the company of lowland gorilla. From start to finish, we’ll be by your side, with local representatives, luxury services and 24/7 support.


Dzanga Sangha National Park

Part of the Sangha River Tri-National Complex and located in the southwest of the Central African Republic, Dzanga Sangha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising deciduous and evergreen tropical forests, wetlands and swamps. Home to wildlife including elephants, Western lowland gorilla, Bongo antelope, forest buffalo, and several species of monkey, it is a wonderful holiday destination for safari enthusiasts.

Combine with Kenya

At OROKO, one of our favourite ways to holiday in the Central African Republic is to combine it with Kenya. Start your luxury wilderness adventure visiting the Giraffe Centre and Nairobi National Park before heading to the Central African Republic, where you will visit Bai Hokou to track a family of western lowland gorilla. Enjoy a boat cruise and guided hike to various waterfalls before concluding your Africa holiday with a guided walking safari through Dzanga Sangha National Park. 


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