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Experiential Journey across Central Asia’s Pamir Highway

Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan

Best time to travel
May – Sep
Ideal length
17 nights
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At a glance

  • International flights from Dublin to Bishkek, and home from Dushanbe.
  • Meet & Greet on arrival in Bishkek, all private transfers & domestic flight included.
  • 17 nights’ accommodation in Bishkek, Chon-Kemin, Son Kul Lake, Naryn, Sary Tash, Murghab, Langar, Yang Village, Khorog, Kalaikhumb and Dushanbe.
  • Explore urban and rural Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with private tours of Bishkek and Dushanbe, and a visit to a nomadic Kyrgyz family to learn about their way of life.
  • Drive the epic Pamir Highway, taking in its staggering beauty as you visit the remote villages and towns. Briefly cross into Afghanistan at a border market visit in Khorog.
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The Pamir Highway is a road that passes through Central Asia, traversing through its namesake mountains, connecting four countries of Asia. The Highway is rooted in the region’s history, once forming a link of the Silk Road trade route while the modern road was built by the Soviets.

On this suggested itinerary, discover the Kyrgyz and Tajik stretches of the Highway. Begin your trip in Bishkek, venturing out to the valleys of northern and central Kyrgyzstan. Fly to Osh to begin your Pamir Highway journey, crossing the border into Tajikistan. Drive through the snow-capped valleys and mountains, immersing yourself in the traditional cultures. Get to know the regional customs by meeting local people, sampling traditional dishes, visiting historic sites and spending nights in guesthouses. Finish your Highway journey in the manicured city of Dushanbe.

Not often frequented by tourists, the collection of destinations can be difficult to navigate, but highly rewarding when you journey on a luxury holiday with OROKO by your side. Not only do we offer excellent value, but our expertise, 24/7 support and local representatives ensure a seamless luxury experience throughout.

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Trip Overview

Depart from Dublin to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

You will be greeted on arrival by an OROKO representative and privately transferred to your luxury hotel for a two night stay. On a privately guided tour, traipse the large boulevards of the city, stopping at museums, monuments and bazaars. Attend a masterclass in traditional silk scarf making.

Travel through the Kyrgyz countryside to the Chon-Kemin Valley.

Stop en route at Burana Tower, a medieval watchtower. Visit a local village to learn about the daily life of the villagers and attend a Manas performance, a Kyrgyz epic poem recital. Spend the night in a guesthouse in this stunning valley.

Burana Tower, Chon-Kemin Valley
Head to the remote shores of Son Kul Lake.

Spend the day with a nomadic shepherd family, participating in their daily routine. Learn how the Kyrgyz set up their traditional yurts. Join the local family in their yurt to experience making traditional drinks and snacks. Spend the night in a traditional yurt camp.

Son Kul Lake
Depart to the city of Naryn.

Enjoy a two night stay at the guesthouse of a local family. Visit Tash-Rabat Caravanserai, a massive 15th-century stone fortress. Next, visit the charming village of Eki-Naryn set in a region of wild natural beauty. Learn how to make Beshbarmak and Boorsok, both beloved Kyrgyz speciality dishes.

Return to Bishkek, stopping at Kochkor along the way.

Kochkor is a sprawling village sitting in a valley between Naryn and Bishkek. Explore the village’s vegetable market, before visiting the Kochkor Regional Museum. Enjoy a traditional lunch with a local family. Stay overnight in Bishkek.

Fly to the city of Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s oldest city.

Discover the city on a privately guided tour, visiting the bustling Jayma Bazaar, the Historical Cultural Museum and the Asaf-ibn-Burkhiya Mausoleum. Travel through the Taldyk Pass to the small alpine village of Sary Tash where you will spend the night.

Begin your journey along the Pamir Highway.

A 1,252km stretch of road, the highway was built during Soviet times atop the high-altitude Pamir Plateau. Stop by the Karakul Lake which was created by a meteor 10 million years ago. Cross the border into Tajikistan, spending the night at a guesthouse in the town of Murghab.

Pamir Highway
Continue along the scenic highway.

Before setting back out on the Pamir Highway, explore Murghab. Visit Yak House, a souvenir shop selling beautiful Tajik handicrafts made from yak wool. Journey along the highway, enjoying snow-capped views through the Khargush Pass, before arriving in Langar village for an overnight stay.

Visit remote villages and ancient forts.

Resume your journey, discovering remote treasures dotted along the Pamir Highway. Visit ancient petroglyphs, the ruins of the 12th-century Yamchun Fort and Yamg Village which boasts a solar calendar stone used by Sufi mystic Mubarak Kadam Wakhani. Spend the night at a guesthouse in the village.

Yamchun Fort
Explore the history of Yamg.

Visit the Museum of Sufi Mubarak Kadam Wakhani, a notable Sufi mystic, scholar and musician of the 19th and 20th centuries. Set out on the Highway, stopping at the ruins of Qahqaha Fortress. Arrive in the beautiful valley town of Khorog for a two night stay.

Discover the culture and customs of Khorog.

Visit the Tajik-Afghan Border Market, meet accomplished Tajik artisans at the Pamiri Handicrafts Centre and pay a visit to the Pamir Botanical Garden to discover plants from all over the world. Attend a local Jamaatkhana and sit in on an evening prayer service with the local community.

Tajik-Afghan Border Market
Venture through the final stretches of the highway.

Visit the stunning landscapes of rapid rivers and snowy peaks at the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast, also known as the roof of the world. Meet the tribal groups of the Badakshan Peoples. Spend the night in the town of Kalaikhumb.

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast
Finish your Pamir Highway journey.

Arrive in Dushanbe for a three night stay. Explore the highlights of this capital city on privately guided tours. Visit the National Museum of Tajikistan, Flagpole and Rudaki Parks, the Museum of Antiquities and Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments.

Dushanbe 2
Journey to the nearby village of Hissar.

Explore this historic village and the ruins of its 18th-century fortress that houses the remains of the palace of the Bukhara Emirate Beks. Return to Dushanbe and enjoy an afternoon in the tree-lined boulevards, visiting shops and local teahouses.

Transfer to the international airport for your flight home.

Arrive in Dublin.

Tailoring your holiday

OROKO Itineraries are created with you in mind and no two are the same. These can be used to help plan your trip - or we can design a completely different itinerary to suit you.

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Where to rest your head

Looking for the best accommodation? We've got the contacts

Hyatt Regency Bishkek

Hyatt Regency Bishkek

Set in a Bishkek’s business district, rest your head at the city’s only five-star hotel. Alongside inspiring views of Tien-Shan Mountain range, contemporary rooms are the perfect combination of comfort and luxury with Kyrgyzstani influences.

More details

Serena Inn at Khorog

Serena Inn at Khorog

Nestled in the rugged mountainous border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan you will find the Serena Inn. The hotel is framed by wood and stone architecture and offers majestic views of the Panj River and Pamir Mountains.

More details

Karon Palace Hotel

Karon Palace Hotel

In the heart of the Darvaz region in Kalai-Khumba, set among the majestic mountain ranges, lies the hotel Karon Palace. The hotel is surrounded by powerful streams of mountain rivers and centuries-old plane trees.

More details

Serena Hotel Dushanbe

Serena Hotel Dushanbe

Combining 5 star elegance with Tajik heritage, the Serena Hotel exudes vibrancy and sophistication. The sleek glass façade features decorative Suzani floral patterns, a traditional Tajik artistic style.

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