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Redefining luxury, the rise of experiential lodging

Escape to the distant corners of Mother Earth.

When it comes to luxury escapes and resorts, people have been there and done that, and for some, that is heaven defined. However, for others, we are seeing a surge in the search for the experiential, the authentic and the remote. Remote luxury is all about escaping to the distant corners of the earth, completely immersing yourself in that remoteness and experiencing unforgettable activities that many will never witness. Without a doubt, it’s a top contender on the modern-day bucket list, and it’s here to stay.

True to its name, the experiential lodge is defined as a property that creates exclusive encounters and its form of accommodation emphasises and celebrates its surroundings. These lodges are often in far-flung parts of the world, hidden away in isolated destinations, mostly unknown to the outside world. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these unique accommodations can offer the modern explorer one-of-a-kind experiences, and nothing says luxury more than something most people can’t have. In order to retain their exclusivity, experiential lodges can often be hard to unearth. Only the seasoned explorer will know where to look.

We have spent years hunting for the best experiential lodges across the globe and are excited that the trend is finally emerging. Leaving no stone unturned, we have hiked rugged terrains, sailed down rapid rivers and adventured to some of the most secluded and inaccessible destinations the Earth has to offer. We recognise why more and more people are on the search for remote luxury and we have found the perfect lodges for you to experience this.

Wildlife at Awasi Patagonia
The experiential lodge is defined as a property that creates exclusive encounters and its form of accommodation emphasises and celebrates its surroundings.
Image: Wildlife at Awasi Patagonia

A form of escape.

It’s what every adventurer hopes to do. True remoteness can be hard to come by these days, but experiential lodges are ready to take you to the Earth’s best-kept secrets. Hidden across the world’s nooks and crannies, often just getting to these lodges is an adventure in itself. Take Ecuador’s Mashpi Lodge as an example, located deep in the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest. It can only be reached through private jungle trails that pass cascading waterfalls and azure lagoons. In these same jungle zones, the lodge offers exclusive activities from sky biking to swing trails. Further into Ecuador’s rainforest, Sacha Lodge is only accessible by a two-hour motorised canoe ride. Its far-flung location makes it perfect for secluded activities like treetop walks and piranha fishing. In neighbouring Chile, the Awasi Patagonia invites you to hike the faraway mountainous terrains of the Andes, the picture-perfect destination for private hiking adventures. While in Morocco, a thrilling 4×4 ride through rolling dunes in the desert is how you can reach Azalaï Desert Camp. Whichever part of the world you choose, the adventure begins as soon as you land.

A celebration of nature’s wonders.

Remoteness comes hand in hand with incredible nature. Untouched by humankind, extraordinary jungles, grassy plains and fascinating wildlife are thriving, and experiential lodges are ready to let you interact with it all. In the remote grasslands of the Serengeti, the expert guides at Nimali Tarangire Lodge are waiting to bring you past stunning acacia trees and large herds of elephants, lions, leopards, hyena and buffalo. Along the banks of Peru’s Madre de Dios River sits the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, a collection of Inca-inspired wooden cabanas. The lodge not only embraces its surroundings in its designs but in its extraordinary activities. Interact with hundreds of tropical birds, learn native skills and be taught about medicinal plants.

In addition to sustaining their natural surroundings, experiential lodgings often safeguard and support local communities.
Image: Titilaka Lodge on Titilaka Lake

Giving back.

What if you could protect those surroundings too? Luxury lodge providers are aware that now more than ever, humans are conscious of the impact our actions have on the planet. Their delicate and isolated environs need to be treated with the utmost care. Ecotourism is the order of the day. Gal Oya Ecolodge in Sri Lanka aims to bring you closer to nature while protecting its local environment. Its bungalows were created using traditional building techniques and are made from local natural materials that seamlessly integrate you with the scenic landscape and cause less harm to the environment than synthetic building materials. In addition to sustaining their natural surroundings, experiential lodgings often safeguard and support local communities. Titilaka Lodge sits on the shores of Peru’s Lake Titicaca. With a focus on preserving traditional Andean customs, the unique lodge employs local staff and sources its produce from the nearby villages.

Luxury Redefined.

The cherry on top of your experiential lodge journey is that there’s no need to compromise on luxury. Remoteness and sustainability have not stopped these lodges from providing the glitz and glamour of a traditional luxury escape. In the forests of Uganda, the Buhoma Lodge features eight exclusive eco-friendly cottages. Enormous windows and private verandas offer incredible opulence with serene woodland views of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Chile’s Awasi Patagonia features stylish independent villas of luxe interiors and floor to ceiling windows. Each villa comes with a private 4WD and excursion guide to explore the lodge’s private reserve of indigenous forests and mountains. Experiential lodges take their incredible locations and amplify them by incorporating the stunning surroundings into the design. Whether you’re in the grasslands of Africa, the mountains of Patagonia or the jungles of Southeast Asia, you are guaranteed sensational settings, both inside your lodge and in the wild outdoors.


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