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Emilie Lynam

Emilie has visited Spain countless times and has a deep knowledge of the capital’s local food scene and cultural highlights.

Countries visited

Emilie’s love of travel has stemmed from a deep appreciation of unique cultures and cuisines across the world. She has grown up visiting many European destinations, including Greece, France and Italy. Spending many summers exploring Spain, Emilie has a deep knowledge of the country and loves spending summers between Madrid and Cantabria. With a background in horse racing, Emilie has followed the sport around the world to destinations like Hong Kong and Dubai.

Her most recent exploration was her honeymoon in Japan, starting in Tokyo, through Hakone and Kyoto before experiencing the unspoilt beaches of Okinawa. “I will never forget the amazing culture, cuisine and how friendly the people where. The Golden Temple will remain one of my favourite memories.” Next on her list is both Peru and Patagonia.


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