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Aisling O’Carroll

Sales & Operations
Aisling began her career as an artist manager in Cambridge, England.

Countries Visited

Aisling has travelled extensively around Europe from the age of six through her love for classical music events. She is fascinated with the different character and culture of each country she has visited. “I still feel immense excitement arriving in a new country, I’m always keen to visit as many museums and performances as I can to get a real insight into the history of and way of life in each country; stunning scenery is always a big plus also” From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to trekking along the Great Wall of China, adventure is a huge passion for Aisling. She cites Florence, Dubrovnik and Cape Town as her favourite destinations. Over the past six months, Aisling has visited South Africa, Croatia, India, Cambodia and Laos.


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