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Ruth Kavanagh

Marketing Manager
For Ruth, storytelling and bringing brands to life is a true passion, she believes that there “is always a way”. Ruth has worked for several years' in the marketing industry across lifestyle, food and travel.

Countries visited

It is this background that has enabled her to utilise her skills and perfect her attention to detail. She has been fortunate to have travelled to many destinations over the past number of years, including Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Cambodia, Thailand and the USA among others. She believes that if you’re open and willing, travel opens your eyes and mind. “I don’t think there’s anything better than packing a bag, grabbing your passport and boarding a plane to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life”. Europe is a treasure trove of incredible travel experiences. “Venice is still one of my favourite places to visit as it’s like nowhere else in the world. It’s vast architectural and artistic heritage is simply mind-boggling” Whether it is a relaxing walk down the Champs-Élysées in Paris, paragliding in the Swiss Alps or venturing off to find a new adventure, travel is her favourite way to escape, meet new people and experience new cultures.


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