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Bob Haugh

In the summer of 1990, with Ireland in the grip of World Cup fever, Bob took his first job in a Dublin travel agency. Twenty-seven years on, and he is still excited about this amazing journey

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Motorcycling around Europe, visiting hotels and friends is where he finds most of his inspiration. “It’s a terrific way to explore little nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t dream of driving to” Bob has built his passion into a successful business and over the past decade has sold over half a million holidays through his other travel brands. OROKO is the new kid on the block. “For the past few years, I’ve been asked more and more about tailored holidays. I’ve had to refer these clients to UK specialist operators, so I felt it was time to keep the business closer to home. I got together with some friends in the Industry, and OROKO was born. There is hardly a place on the planet that Bob has not been to and next year he is planning to drive his motorcycle from Dublin to Cape Town. “It’s all in the preparation, and when you are crossing thirteen countries, you need to have everything organised to a tee. Turning back or diverting is not an option.”

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