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Luxury Holidays to California

Year–long aestival sunshine has earned California its nickname as the Golden State. Sunlight permeates through the redwood forests of the north right down to the amber beaches of the south. Luxury holidays to California are never-ending in their offerings, making it the perfect destination for all. The state is rich in exceptional nature and national parks protect ancient forests and rolling deserts, from Yosemite to Joshua Tree. Between stunning landscapes, iconic cities house chic restaurants, fun-loving neighbourhoods and historic monuments, California holidays are a crowd-pleaser. California is the headquarters of the world’s entertainment industry, home to Hollywood and famous amusement parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios, making California family holidays a treat for everyone. Forever changing, it is always at the forefront of the newest trends whether it be entertainment, technology or gastronomy.  

At OROKO we love the bountiful offerings of the Golden State. Throughout the years, we’ve established long-standing partnerships with the best luxury hotels and resorts in the state. We’re constantly revisiting California, forever discovering new destinations to be explored and the best places to eat. Whether you’re in search of beachside relaxation, a family amusement adventure or complete immersion in nature, we’re ready to create your bespoke luxury holidays to California at the best value you can find. Explore our range of suggested self-drive holidays through California’s stunning national parks and thrilling cities. 

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Best time to visit 

While boasting great weather year-round, here at OROKO, we favour holidays to California from April to November, when more comfortable temperatures rest around the low twenties. Enjoy perfect weather for sunbathing on the sandy beaches and surf the turquoise waves, with the warm sun and cool ocean breeze. Avoid the crowds in April, September and October or visit the sunshine state when it’s at its sunniest in August. 

OROKO Top Tip 

An excellent way to end your discovery of California is to finish in complete luxury on tropical sands. Some of our favourites include the magical islands of Hawaii or the paradisal shores of Fiji. Spend your time in Hawaii sampling refreshing fruits from local stands, experience the culture with lei greetings and a traditional Lahaina Luau and explore the valleys from above on a spectacular helicopter adventure. For a marvellous blend of cultures, begin your holiday in Hong Kong before arriving on the sublime beaches of Fiji, ending your journey in bohemian San Francisco. 

California Road Trip 

Home to a section of Route 66, the birthplace of the American road trip, California is one of the world’s best destinations for a self drive adventure. Drive along the coast, spending days discovering iconic cities, coastal towns and upscale villages. Whether beginning in Santa Monica, journeying by the Grand Canyon and through Las Vegas before finishing in Palm Springs or starting in San Francisco, travelling through beautiful Big Sur and Santa Barbara and ending in Los Angeles, California promises endless road tripping opportunities. 

National Park Discovery 

Become fully immersed in California’s wonderfully diverse natural landscape on an exploration of the state’s national parks. From the desert landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park and the alpine scenery of Sequoia National Park to the crashing waterfalls of Yosemite, spend your days hiking through ruggedly beautiful trails and discovering natural wonders, and evenings around crackling campfires. For a little added cosmopolitan luxury, perhaps begin your journey in San Diego and end in San Francisco. 


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