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Explore Europe’s spookier side

Many of Europe’s beautiful countries are not only filled with several charming sites but also carry a haunted past. With Halloween upon us, we decided to explore Europe’s spookier side, with ghastly ghosts, haunted happenings and eerie experiences for only the most adventurous of travellers. Prepare to get familiar with some of the creepiest and most mysterious destinations in Europe, from a haunted town in Hungary to Dracula’s Castle in Romania.


Dabble in sorcery at Poland’s magical world of Sabathowka. According to legend, witches used to gather at the location to fly brooms and cook up potions. Today, it’s a place where you can cook up some fun of your own. Kornik Castle is also rumoured to be a haunted site, with a portrait which comes alive. Rumour has it Teofila, an old inhabitant of the castle comes out of her portrait at night and leaves the castle to go horse-riding with her beloved.


Prepare to have your hairs stand on end with a candlelit tour of The Labyrinth of Buda Castle in Budapest. The underground tunnels served as a hospital during World War Two and allegedly house spirits that go back even further. You can also find plenty of scares during the day in the abandoned ghost town of Derenk. No one has lived there since the 1940s, but you are likely to be convinced that the empty town is inhabited by something.


Make a stop in Slovakia to try and see the ghost in the white dress roaming the Old Town Hall Of Levoca. Even if you don’t catch a glimpse of the ghost, you’ll see plenty of marvellous things throughout the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said that the picturesque site of St. Michael’s Tower is haunted by the ghost of the Black Lady who has been living in the tower for centuries. Be careful; you might not notice her in the dark!

Czech Republic

A stop in the Czech Republic truly tests your capacity for creepiness. From the Gates of Hell to the haunting buildings of Prague, you don’t have to seek out haunted spirits here – they will find you! Explore the Old Town district, where you will find a monument to the Iron Man. The Iron Man is a true ghost of Prague and one of the only ghosts in the world to have a monument built for him.


No haunted trip in Europe would be complete without a visit to the Bran Castle in Romania. The medieval castle is better known as Dracula’s Castle and remains one of the most popular and mysterious places in Europe. Visit the legendary castle to see the towers and turrets that Bram Stoker’s character called home. The ghosts of those who passed inside the castle’s walls are said to still roam the halls, with villagers reporting to have heard wailing late at night.


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