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The quiet corners of Italy, a pocket guide

A tried-and-true destination for lovers of illustrious culture, glorious food and lashings of natural beauty, Italy has been attracting holiday-makers for decades. Italy is a well-loved destination, and rightly so, but this can leave you knocking elbows with crowds at the bar or fighting for a sun lounger on a crowded beach. At OROKO, our expert knowledge of Italy can guide you away from the well-beaten track to some of our favourite places, a step away from the buzzing crowds. This doesn’t mean avoiding Italy’s best or most famous locations, but often moving closer, staying in exclusive properties, with experiences that allow you to witness Italy at its most authentic.

We have the expertise to take you to world-renowned destinations, without compromising the desired peace and tranquillity, through our first-hand knowledge of incredible and luxurious accommodations that are at the heart of the action but far removed from the noise. If you’d prefer to see the real and rural Italy, allow us to whisk you away to destinations that are rarely frequented by tourists, packed with culture, Italian feasts and picturesque landscapes, but delightfully secluded.

Today, we’re revealing some of our favourite quiet corners of Italy. Each offer seclusion and glorious weather up until the end of October, a marvellous time to beat the crowds and enjoy Italy on your own terms.

Ravello, Sorrento Peninsula

Sorrento needs no introduction. The world-famous visuals speak for themselves; brightly coloured clusters of villas etched into steeply rising cliffs, arranged along the shores of the glistening gulf. Along with this dreamy image of Sorrento sunsets and sipping limoncello on waterfront terraces, comes an impression, an almost certainty, of bustling groups and jam-packed landmarks; however, with a little know-how, this is far from the truth. The Sorrento peninsula juts into the Tyrrhenian Sea and is lined with lively towns like Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento and quiet, yet equally as stunning, villages, like Ravello and Vico Equense. Ravello is a treasured choice among honeymooners in search of quiet luxury and serene romance due to its remote and village-like nature, while still holding space for luxury hotels and iconic cliff-side restaurants and terraces. Ravello promises the quintessential Amalfi Coast escape while escaping the throngs of those with the same idea.


An Italian region of glorious countryside dotted with hill-climbing trulli villages and lined with wonderful stretches of idyllic coastline, the longest in the country; Puglia still thrives disconnected from Italy’s tourist spots. Sitting on the heel of Italy’s sun-soaked boot, Puglia promises its visitors a truly authentic Italian experience with incredible art, beautiful baroque architecture and its own distinctive cuisine. The ultimate getaway for those on the hunt for enhanced privacy and exclusivity, Puglia is perfect for a private villa holiday. Relax in a home away from home, away from busy crowds and bustling tourist attractions, yet immersed in idyllic beauty and glorious culture. With free rein of a luxurious villa, perfect for a family reunion or group holiday, private villa holidays bring the safety of home to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Enjoy days of quality time, unwinding by the pool, dining al fresco under the warm sun or exploring Puglia’s unspoilt region and captivating culture.


Among the many beautiful regions of Italy, Sardinia stands out as one with a distinct sense of identity, both culturally and historically. The island even has its own language and holds onto its unique charm, having miraculously been kept secret from hordes of holiday-makers. There’s a lot to see on this beautiful island, with a rich and hugely varied past; inhabited since the Paleolithic period and occupied by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans, which is reflected in the island’s architecture and culture. Sardinia’s rural beauty is ideal for a secluded getaway. Beyond the paradisal sandy beaches and shallow azure waters, picture plunging forested valleys, sleepy fishing villages and fascinating ruins, alongside a laidback Mediterranean lifestyle. Stringent building development restrictions have helped this island retain its rural heritage and while visitors often come for the crystalline waters, sandy beaches and coves, there’s plenty more to see beyond the pretty coastline.


Immerse yourself in old-world glamour, gorgeous scenery and the ancient history of picturesque Sicily. From the charming shores of Taormina to the secluded pebble beaches of the Aeolian Islands, Sicily’s picturesque beauty and traditional lifestyle make for the perfect relaxing getaway. The toe of Italy’s boot and frozen in time, Sicily’s charm lies in its retention of its traditions and historic customs. From the crumbling temples of Agrigento to the Roman ruins of Syracuse, Sicily is a timeless destination that continues to remind us of Italy’s marvellous past and the bygone Roman empire. This Mediterranean Island is one of Italy’s most iconic regions, home to beautiful beaches, valleys of olive groves and a rocky coastline lining the glimmering seas. Having explored Sicily numerous times, one of the finest ways to escape the crowds is to go where only locals know, to the fishing village of Scopello, the walled 12th-century village of Erice and the cove-dotted Zingaro Nature Reserve.

The quiet corners of Italy are made for holidays of idyllic seclusion, untamed beauty, decadent food and illustrious culture, without having to share it with the crowds. Italy is world-renowned as an excellent holiday destination and our experiences can help tailor a getaway to this spectacular country that is perfect for you. We’re ready and waiting to curate your perfect holiday to Italy.


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