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OROKO City Guide | Nine essential things to do in Rome

Rome never gets old. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful and celebrated buildings, it forever emanates a sense of romanticism. Perfect for a short break and for those drawn to history and culture, the city is bursting with cultural hotspots, culinary heritage and historical wonders. Stroll through chic piazzas, sample Italian fare at tucked away trattorias and enjoy private tours of the city’s most famous landmarks. At OROKO, we have been to Rome more times than we can count, so we are sharing the things we love to do while on a short break in the ancient empire.

Tour the Colosseum and Roman Forum

The Colosseum is the world’s most famous amphitheatre. We recommend admiring its grand stature by skipping the queue on a private tour. With your expert guide, delve into the history of what was the world’s most technologically advanced entertainment complex of its time. Combine your visit of the Colosseum with an exploration of the Roman Forum and the surrounding ancient ruins. During the fall of the Roman Empire, it fell into disrepair and the area became a grazing field known as Campo Vaccino, meaning Cow Field. Thanks to recent excavations, learn about its great significance during the Roman Empire and how it was the political and commercial heart of the city, the venue of criminal trials and triumphal processions.

A night at the opera

Experience an unforgettable performance at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Rome’s opera house has gained international acclaim for hosting performances by celebrated artists like Montserrat Caballé, Mario Del Monaco and Enrico Caruso. Teatro dell’Opera di Roma not only focuses on showcasing the best of opera but celebrates ballet, musicals, theatre and concerts. Experience the beauty and glamour of the surrounding amphitheatre as you enjoy ballet performances like the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and the stunning opera performance of La Traviata.

Weekend brunch at Le Jardin de Russie

When in Rome, brunch at the city’s most iconic hotel is a must. Le Jardin le Russie, within the beautiful Hotel de Russie, offers contemporary Italian cuisine in the stunning terraced courtyard and gardens. Weekend brunch, curated by renowned chef Fulvio Piernagelini, offers the ultimate Italian feast complete with live pasta cooking stations, decadent seafood corners and classic Italian desserts.

A guided tour of The Vatican City

Take in the highlights of the Vatican City with a guided tour of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Witness the famous frescoed masterpiece of Michelangelo, the influential galleries of the Vatican Museum and the Hall of Tapestries. Avoid the queues and enter directly into St Peter’s Basilica. Marvel at the world’s largest basilica, built on top of the ruins of the Roman emperor Constantine’s 4th-century basilica as well as the tomb of St Peter. Admire the magnificent interiors and of course, Michelangelo’s Pietà. Don’t miss out on a glimpse at the Pope’s famous balcony, Michelangelo’s dome and the famous chimney, where smoke signals the election of the new Pope.

Dine at the birthplace of Fettucine Alfredo

Alfredo Alla Scrofa is regarded as the birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo. In 1914, Alfredo, the creator of the dish, converted his oils and wines shop into a restaurant. Immediately gaining popularity, it became the go-to place among Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. Make sure to sample the famous fettucine dish as well as their other outstanding homemade pastas. Another charming and rustic restaurant to have on your list is the family-run Taverna Trilussa. Step into a traditional dining room where cured meats and dried herbs hang from the ceiling. This is the place to have a delightful hearty feast with some of the city’s best bucatini and ravioli dishes.

Try a private gelato making masterclass

While in Rome, learn the art of gelato making with an expert gelato master. Perfect for all ages, everyone will choose their favourite flavour and learn how to make gelato using traditional Italian recipes and techniques. Understand what flavour profiles work best before deciding on your preferred combination. After your masterclass, sit in the Italian sun and enjoy your refreshing homemade gelato together.

Admire Rome’s ancient rooftops and domes at sundown

The cityscape of Rome is outstanding and especially romantic at sundown. We recommend enjoying a glass of bubbly at The Pantheon Iconic’s Divinity Terrace Lounge Bar. Six stories above ground, it offers 360-degree views of the surrounding rooftops, Pantheon’s dome and the city beyond. Another chic rooftop terrace is Zuma Rome’s outdoor terrace. Located in the luxury fashion house of Fendi, this izakaya-style eastery boasts panoramic views of the ancient city, perfect for a summer sunset. Order from Michele Brando’s carefully curated drinks menu, a selection of carefully selected artisanal sakes from small producers in Japan, and a range of innovative cocktails.

Stroll to the picturesque Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

We always recommend a visit to two of Rome’s most iconic structures. Legend says that if you through a coin into the Trevi Fountain, you will meet your love and return to Rome, maybe even for a Roman wedding. Admire the beauty of the nearby Spanish Steps before browsing through the nearby luxury boutiques or visiting a gelateria for a refreshing afternoon snack. Another wonderful way to visit these two landmarks, among others, is to experience Rome by night on a walking tour. Take a leisurely stroll to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps before admiring other beautiful sights like Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and Piazza Spagna.

Visit the iconic Pantheon

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to one of Rome’s most famous buildings. It is the most preserved and important buildings from Ancient Rome and the extravagant interior of the Pantheon is astonishingly beautiful. Admire the eye of the Pantheon, or oculus, which is not only visually stunning but also the largest unsupported dome in the world. Admire the towering columns, surrounding statues and beautiful paintings that have inspired many artists throughout the world.


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