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Multi-generational travel

The popularity of multi-generational holidays is on the rise.  Also known as ‘3G’ holidays, these trips consist of at least three generations, kids, parents and grandparents, travelling together.

Families are increasingly appreciating the benefits of separate generations holidaying together. Grandparents are fitter and are enjoying more active longer retirements; parents and children are often caught in the whirlwind of busy schedules. Going away together is a chance to step off the treadmill, escape the daily rituals, and spend quality time together, offering a great way to reconnect.

Grandparents get the opportunity to contribute to a grandchild’s holiday experience, and it is a wonderful chance for single grandparents to travel in the company of family. For parents, holidays with your children will provide memories you will cherish forever, but it is not without its challenges. Multi-generational breaks often mean child-care duties can be shared, with grandparents stepping in to give parents a much appreciated night or two off over the course of the holiday.

When planning your multi-generational holiday it is a good idea to keep in mind the youngest and oldest members of your group as travelling long distances can be difficult for those with small children and for older family members. Furthermore, all-inclusive packages can work well since they offer a wide array of options and can take the majority of coordinating along with the stress of budgeting off the family. Everyone knows what’s included and what to expect therefore it allows everyone to really relax and enjoy themselves.

The excitement of shared discoveries tends to bring out the best in families of all sizes and all ages.


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