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Best places to get close with nature

Do you love spending time in the natural world? Reconnecting with nature has been shown to offer a wealth of benefits, not to mention the sheer enjoyment of being surrounded by beautiful scenery. If you are looking to experience a trip that offers the chance to immerse yourself in nature, we think that these destinations are a good place to start!


For an unforgettable experience, travel to Tanzania’s iconic Serengeti for an incredible safari adventure. Prepare to be blown away by the amazing scenery, rugged terrain and varied wildlife as you search for The Big Five – the African Lion, elusive African Leopard, Cape Buffalo, stunning African Elephant, and endangered Rhinoceros. Visiting the Serengeti in June is a thrilling experience, due to the Great Migration. This extraordinary sight occurs as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebra migrate through the Serengeti towards Kenya’s Masai border.

Arctic Cruise

Journey to the top of the world, where an extraordinary adventure awaits you. Only an arctic cruise can truly reveal the eclectic mix of cultures and abundance of fascinating animals which the Arctic has to offer. Witness polar bears, wolves and whales against the extraordinary backdrop of icebergs, visit traditional Inuit villages or watch as the colourful and vibrant Northern Lights dance in the skies above you. The Arctic summer also offers sunsets that linger until dawn, with snowmelt causing glaciers to drop massive icebergs into the sea.


The vibrant island of Borneo boasts isolated jungle beauty, tropical adventure, and is home to half of all known plant and animal species in the world. Learn more about Borneo’s Turtle conservation efforts with a trip to Turtle Island. Witness the magic of a turtle laying its eggs, and then see hatchlings being released into the wild. Borneo is also well known for its orangutan orphanages, where orphaned and injured orangutans are rehabilitated. It's a magical experience, as the trees begin to shake, and a flash of orange appears.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Home to one of the rarest habitats on Earth, the cloud forest, Monteverde is known for its extensive reserve of lush rainforests. There are plenty of options for those who want to explore the mysterious cloud forests; hike down forest trails, choose a canopy tour with a suspension bridge, or take aerial photographs from the vantage point of a sky tram. These high elevated forests are home to a diverse collection of wildlife. Be on the lookout for pumas, monkeys and endangered jaguars, as well as the iconic red-eyed tree frog.

Great Bear Rainforest, British Colombia

The Great Bear Rainforest is part of the largest coastal temperate rainforest on Earth. This vast area of pristine wilderness is roughly the size of Ireland and the perfect place to soak up some silence. The area is home to abundant wildlife: coastal grey wolves, grizzly bears, and cougars. You may also catch a glimpse of the elusive white Kermode bear, also known as the “Spirit bear”, which is unique to this location. It really doesn’t get more off the beaten path than this.


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