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Six things to do in Tenerife with kids

Tenerife is a beautiful Canary Island with scorching sunshine and an ocean breeze that keeps much of the island green throughout the year. The island is an ideal close-to-home spot with beautiful beaches and acres of space for kids to let off steam! It stays warm year-round, with temperatures staying in the low to mid-20s even in December. There is a myriad of fun activities available on the island that will make it a dream destination for you and your family. Once you step outside of the most common tourist spots, Tenerife is an amazing Island with hidden treasures just waiting to be explored.

Teide Excursions

Mount Teide is the third highest volcanic structure in the world and is an iconic part of the Tenerife. A visit to Mount Teide is a great way to engage the kids in an activity that will stimulate their mind and body. Private tours designed for families are ideal for parents and children over the age of five.

Your guide will take you on a journey to the Pico Viejo viewpoint and a cable car ride for families is also available. Parents will be amazed by the stunning views of the landscape and kids will love exploring a real-life volcano.

Flamenco Show

The Antología Carmen Mota Show is an explosive flamenco show in Playa de las Americas. The show takes guests on a journey through Spanish cultural history using both traditional and modern dance styles.

Carmen Mota, the artistic mastermind behind the show is a celebrated dancer and choreographer who specialises in Spanish ballet and the show is performed by members of her dance company.

The show is not only entertaining and exciting, but it is also great for kids who will be enthralled by the pounding Spanish rhythms, colourful costumes, and explosive steps. Plus, kids go free!

Helicopter Tour

Gran Teide Luxury Helicopter tour gives kids and adults a once in a lifetime glimpse at the Island of Tenerife. The helicopter is the perfect aircraft for sightseeing as all passengers have a clear, uninterrupted view of the landscape below. You will be astounded by the diverse beauty of Tenerife, from a birds-eye view.

Kids will love the feeling of flying high in the sky and are guaranteed to be amazed at everything they can see. If your child likes having the window seat on the plane, this perfect excursion will create lasting memories for years to come.

Submarine Safari

For a totally unique, family friendly experience, Submarine Safaris are the perfect activity. Explore the underwater dimension of Tenerife through your individual viewing pod on the submarine. Enjoy unparalleled views of the ocean floor and its accompanying wildlife.

The safari will take you on a tour of the ocean floor where you can spot an abundance of marine life including native Stingrays.

Every effort is made to ensure children are well looked after. Young divers will even receive an official certificate following their trip certifying them as an ocean explorer. Submarine tours can also be booked for birthday parties, guaranteeing a fun-tastic celebration.

Siam Park

For a break from the scorching sun, what could be better than a fun day out at an enormous water park? Siam park is every child’s dream with gently sloping slides for kids and 28-metre high adrenaline inducing slides for the daredevil in your family.

VIP Cabanas are available to book for families of four and provide a full days admission, all-inclusive food and drink, and that all-important fast pass. Thai themed buildings and slides create a magical wonderland for kids to run and play in. The park is cleverly designed so that you never have to wait in line without shade available. The entire park is air-conditioned too, so you won’t need to worry about little ones overheating.

Twizy Safari

For a unique sightseeing experience, try Twizy Safaris, a trip up the mountains in a tiny, electric Twizy. Each Twizy takes two passengers (a parent and child) and the tour will take you around some of the unseen parts of Tenerife.

Drive across the lava fields of El Chinyero, to an original banana plantation and stop off in some untouched Canarian villages where you can sample local delicacies such as Papas Arrugadas con mojo (Salted potatoes with traditional red and green dipping sauces native to the Canary Islands).

Each group has a maximum of eight guests, so the tour still feels exclusive. The Twizy has no windows so you can enjoy an unobstructed view and feel the warm island breeze.


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