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Luxury Holidays to Phnom Penh

X marks the spot in Phnom Penh, a city that sits on the cross-shaped confluence of the Mekong, Bassac, and Tonle Sap rivers. Once called the Pearl of Asia, Cambodia’s capital glimmers with the echoes of its past including the surviving French colonial architecture, the spires of the Royal Palace and the flutter of monk’s robes. Markets exude fragrant scents and down every colourful street you can find alluring cafes and bustling bars. 

Throughout the years, we’ve established long-standing partnerships with the best luxury hotels in Phnom Penh. From partnerships with the best English-speaking guides to relationships with leading properties, OROKO promises luxury, value and unparalleled expertise. Explore our range of luxury holidays to Phnom Penh and be inspired to start planning your next getaway. 


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