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Our favourite family-friendly experiences in Costa Navarino, Greece

Being surrounded by the Ionian Sea and ancient countryside guarantees a wealth of experiences. Costa Navarino is the ultimate family-friendly destination, offering both traditional accommodation with the Westin Hotel and the luxury of a boutique resort with the Romanos. We’re sharing with you some of the best experiences in Costa Navarino for families of all ages, from unforgettable sailing trips to ancient Greek theatre workshops. You’ll soon see why Greece is such a wonderful destination for families this summer.

Navarino Sea Sailing

Navarino Sea Sailing organises a range of fun excursions that are perfect for a family day out. Embark on a sunset or full moon cruise to Navarino Bay, explore the islet of Sfakteria on an afternoon cruise or even venture further to Proti Islet on a full day tour. For the ultimate sailing trip, embark on a two-day cruise with an overnight stay in Koroni. Cruises are perfect for families as everyone can enjoy different activities at the same time. Explore the islets, swim or snorkel in the clear waters or simply relax onboard.

Young Gardeners

Messinia has long been a producer of quality agricultural crops. For centuries the farm to fork ethos has been valued and the traditions at Costa Navarino remain the same. Young Gardeners encourages children and young teens to explore nature and understand the importance of growing your own produce. Children can find out if they have green fingers, planting seeds and gathering fruit before preparing dishes with chefs in the vegetable garden.

Authentic Village Cooking & Dining

Visit a charming nearby village and learn about traditional Messinian cooking from a local woman in her home. She will share recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and that have become family favourites. Help prepare a traditional Messinian menu and then sit down with your host to enjoy the creations you have made together as a team.

Olive Harvesting

Costa Navarino is surrounded by ancient olive groves and continues to embrace the traditional methods of olive harvesting. Experience these traditions first hand with the family. Learn the steps involved in the harvesting process, visit the local olive press and taste the extra virgin olive oil you have produced. You will also learn about the varieties of olive trees in Costa Navarino and match the oil with other local delicacies and bread.

Farm to Table Cooking Experience

This unforgettable family experience combines foraging for ingredients with enjoying a freshly prepared meal al fresco in the resort’s gardens. Following the farm-to-table ethos, you will learn more about what you are eating and the importance of sustainability. Choose your favourite ingredients in the organic garden, bursting with sun-ripened tomatoes, lemon trees and Mediterranean herbs. Then, an expert chef will create a menu focused on celebrating the produce and cook it for you under the olive trees.

Ancient Greek Theatre Workshop

Enjoy an interactive experience by joining an experienced theatrologist to enact an ancient Greek play with the family. Re-enact the works of famous Greek tragedians like Sophocles and Euripides to get a better insight into the traditions and culture of ancient Greece. Children love this experience, enjoying the traditional costumes and masks as well as the thematic music.

Traditional Embroidery Makeover

This is a fun activity for parents and children alike. Bring your own pair of shorts or a t-shirt and decorate it how you would like! You can choose between local styles, traditional patterns or simply your own design creation. After the workshop, you will receive an instruction manual with tools to help you continue your embroidery on some of your other outfits.

Philosophy Walk

Join classical scholars for a unique opportunity to learn about ancient Greek philosophies while walking through the idyllic Messinian landscape. Scholars will discuss important topics like revenge, politics and philosophy. This short way is perfect for families with young teens that are curious about the history of the country’s ancestors.

Botanical Tour

Messinian herbs have been used for centuries in herbal remedies and the Ancient Greeks were avid believers in natural plant-based medicine. Take a tour around the herbal borders, learning about plants that continue to be used for curing ailments. Visit the lavender varieties, whose essential oils have long been regarded as having both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a fun complimentary activity perfect for the family before sitting down for a sunset dinner.

Olive Groove Spa

This one is for the parents, perfect for when the children are enjoying the kid’s club with their new friends. This bespoke spa experience is performed under the thousand-year-old olive trees. Expert therapists provide you with a healing massage while you just relax and listen to the sound of nature in the background.

Young Archaeologists

Greece is home to some of the most iconic archaeological sites, so it seems fitting that there is an archaeology club for young children. Designed for children aged 4 – 11, they will go in search of hidden treasures, become archaeological detectives and try to decode ancient scrolls.

Astronomy Nights

Costa Navarino is free from light pollution and is the ideal spot for stargazing. Organised by the Navarino Environmental Observatory, this is supervised by expert staff that can teach you about the solar system.

Navarino Racquet Academy

Navarino Racquet Academy is the ideal place to have fun with family and friends, a great excuse to organise exciting matches of sports like paddle, tennis, squash and badminton. You can choose to take private or group lessons from professional coaches before challenging the family to a match. For the little ones, there is a mini-tennis program specifically designed for them.


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