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Where our Travel Specialists would go right now!

We asked our Travel Specialists the following question, ‘if you could click your fingers and be anywhere in the morning, where would you choose?’ Here’s what they said.

Slaney O’Brien | Thailand, Southeast Asia

‘A really tough choice but definitely Thailand for the diversity it offers in one trip! Start in Bangkok, sampling the world-famous street food by tuk-tuk. Take a short flight to Elephant Hills to begin the most luxurious tented jungle adventure in Asia. Arrive in The Elephant Camp and interact with gentle giants in their ethical, natural habitat. Spend a night in The Rainforest Camp and canoe down the river through the unforgettable sounds of the rainforest. Spend the remaining days in Koh Samui, at Banyan Tree Samui which is in a world of its own on the island, in its own bay with crystal-clear turquoise water. Enjoy a private beach, your own pool villa and the best views on the island.’

Andre Migliarina | Belize, Central America

‘Belize is probably top of my list right now. In addition to the world's second largest barrier reef, Belize is home to dense jungles with howler monkeys and jaguars, mountain pine forests, palm-fringed beaches, rivers, caves and coral atolls surrounded by marine-rich reefs. Not surprisingly, if you’re a swimmer, snorkeller or scuba diver, you’ll want to jump into the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. Remnants of the Mayan civilization and their ruined cities can be found throughout the country and a hop over the northern border of Guatemala to visit Tikal hidden amongst the rainforest is a must. Scuba diving was my TOP highlight and can’t wait to go back for more.’

Mary Masterson | Niyama Private Islands, The Maldives

'The Maldives, without a doubt! Whatever length of holiday you plan will not be enough. It is one the most magical place I’ve ever stayed. Arrive by seaplane and get an unforgettable aerial view of the flour-white sandbars contrasting the many shades of turquoise blue water, an arrival like no other. I loved my overwater villa with a private pool, the view was simply stunning. I will never forget the magical moments in paradise, from snorkelling with turtles with my daughter to the fabulous dolphin watching trip. We really appreciated the wonderful restaurants and friendly staff. So many highlights here I couldn’t possibly pick one, the whole experience was divine!'

Mark Glynn | Bhutan, South Asia

‘This was very tricky, but I think Bhutan just gets the top spot. Where to start with the Land of Thunder Dragon, from its staggering unspoilt beauty nestled in the Himalayas, to its rich culture, I was blown away. While trekking, you will have the high valleys and mountain passes completely to yourself, only your guide by your side to take in the views of the Himalayan peaks. In terms of culture and traditions, not a lot has changed in a thousand years, and the big highlight is Taktsang (Tiger Nest) Monastery, now regarded as one of the most sacred sites in Bhutan. Legend has it that Guru Rinpochie flew to this site on the back of a tigress to subdue a local demon. There really is nowhere quite like Bhutan left in this world now.’

Aisling O’Carroll | Cape Town & Winelands, South Africa

‘I’d have to choose Cape Town and the surrounding Winelands. I’ve just returned from a trip to South Africa and have never fallen in love with a destination so quickly. Cape Town is such a vibrant city with so much to do and see; there are so many excellent hotels to choose from, my personal favourite being the One&Only. In less than an hour, you can escape to the quiet and scenically spectacular Winelands where the food and wine are just out of this world. The Wine Tram in Franschhoek was a particular highlight. I’d return in the morning if I could.’

Aoife O’Sullivan | Val d’Isère, France

'If I could be anywhere, it has to be Val d’Isère. There is so much variation, whether you want to challenge yourself or have a relaxed poodle along some wide, long slopes. For me, nothing beats skiing in the French Alps, and of course, the best après in the world is always La Folie Douce! What I love about this resort is that you can ski up to late April and take full advantage of skiing in the sun, plus the views are always so much nicer with the sun shining- you get the best of both worlds. No matter when you go during the season, there is always a great buzz in the town and so much to do!'

Matthew Thorington Jones | New Zealand

'For me, I would love to wake up in New Zealand, or Aotearoa, island of the long white cloud. After spending millennia in isolation with the only native animal species being birds, New Zealand was once a giant aviary and is still home to ancient beech forests, the famous kiwi bird and the world’s only alpine parrot, the kea. Words just cannot describe how beautiful and diverse this country is and how much there is to do. From adrenaline-fuelled extreme sports to some of the great walks, there is just never enough time. I have always said that you could spend a lifetime walking or “tramping” through the stunning tracks around the country.'


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