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Vietnam for families | Our favourite excursions

Have you ever considered Vietnam for your family holiday? If not, we think that we can interest you in this wonderful destination.  Vietnam is a country that ticks all the boxes. Brimming with character, children will love the colourful cities, vibrant culture and fabulous beaches along the coastline. From entertaining water puppet shows to boat rides along the river delta, Vietnam offers a truly rewarding family holiday in Southeast Asia. To inspire you, our Travel Specialists are sharing some of the experiences they enjoyed most on their family trips to Vietnam. Read on for inspiration.

Wet Rice Cultivation Tour

Enjoy a hands-on experience in the countryside of Vietnam as you get to know the ancient tradition of rice cultivation. On a fun and exciting interactive tour, work alongside local farmers and take part in the cycle of rice cultivation from start to finish. Learn how to plough and sow in the rice fields, pull up rice seedlings and transplant them to larger fields. Once the rice is sown, return to the rural house and learn the secrets of how to cook rice traditionally. Enjoy a homemade lunch with local delicacies before returning to the city in the afternoon.

Wildlife Experience in Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the fastest developing cities in Southeast Asia. Renowned for its pristine beaches and verdant jungles, it is the perfect destination for experiencing Vietnam’s wildlife. Venture to Son Tra Peninsula, also known as Monkey Mountain. It is famed for its panoramic mountain vistas as well as being the home of the world’s largest population of the endangered red-shanked douc langur. Led by an expert wildlife guide, observe the local wildlife from afar, using binoculars to minimize disturbance to the species. Walking through the lesser-explored back roads, admire the beautiful flora and fauna. Arrive at the top of the mountain where you will be rewarded for spectacular views over the landscape.

Hanoi’s Famous Water Puppet Show

The Vietnamese art of water puppetry dates back to the 10th century and originates from the Red River Delta. Farmers of the region celebrated festivals and harvests by performing this traditional art form. A great deal of skill is involved as the puppeteer must keep their hands underwater to hide their methods. An exciting performance for young children and adults alike marvel at skilled puppeteers depicting mythical scenes in a darkened auditorium.

Hanoi Street Food Tour

A trip to Vietnam is incomplete without a street food tour. A country renowned for its vibrant food culture, take a private tour through the city’s culinary highlights. Start in a vibrant food market, sampling local dishes and learning about Hanoi’s culinary culture. At Don Xuan Market, sample typical dishes like pho; a Vietnamese soup consisting of fragrant broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat. Visit the Old Quarter and explore the historic streets, passing charming cake stalls and sampling French-inspired pastries along the way. Finish the tour at a local coffee shop, sampling fruit smoothies and a tasty Vietnamese iced coffee. When holidaying with older teens, a night tour is a great option as there is an exciting buzz around the city.

Cooking classes in Ho Chi Minh City

Children love hands-on experiences, especially when food is involved. Fun for the whole family, enjoy a cookery class in the renowned Hoa Tuc Cookery School. Start in the local market and browse through the colourful stalls, picking up ingredients for traditional Vietnam dishes. Head to the cookery school that is housed in a former opium refinery. Your chef will start by explaining more about Vietnam’s rich food culture before preparing dishes using traditional cooking methods. Following the instructions of the chef, create a three-course meal that will be easy to recreate at home. Sit down for an authentic lunch, sampling fresh salads and hot main courses. Help create a sweet dessert dish before returning to your hotel for the afternoon.

Traditional day in Hanoi

Perfect for teens and tweens, enjoy a traditional day in Hanoi. Start in the historic village of Bat Trang which is renowned for producing unique ceramics known as Bat Trang Porcelain. Visit a local house in the village and take part in an interesting ceramic workshop where you will learn about pottery techniques under the supervision of skilled craftsmen. After completing a unique piece of pottery, visit a house of local worship. A local elder will explain the unique aspects of Vietnamese culture and spiritual beliefs. An exciting end to an educational day tour, learn how to make classic Vietnamese rice pancakes known as banh cuon. Sit down and enjoy your creations before taking a guided tour through the local ceramic market.

Cycling tour in rural Hoi An

An excellent tour for tweens and teens, spend the day in the peaceful countryside of Hoi An. Discover lesser-explored temples, water coconut forests and communal gardens. Start the day exploring the beautiful landscape on a guided cycling tour before visiting Thanh Dong Organic Farm. The organic garden supports 14 local families, who depend on the produce to prepare dishes at home. As you help local farmers and learn about farming techniques, you will get an insight into rural life in Vietnam. After visiting Mr Meo’s house for a short introduction to local history, arrive at a river to ride a traditional basket boat through the beautiful rice fields. Stop for lunch in a charming restaurant for a feast overlooking the paddy fields.

Seaside getaway

Sun, sea and sand always make for the perfect holiday. After exploring Vietnam’s vibrant cities and rural countryside, we recommend spending time along one of many stunning beaches or islands. A favourite of ours is the Six Senses Con Dao. The remote island location and beautiful surroundings provide a sense of peace and privacy, perfect for relaxing and re-energising. Snorkel in the calm tropical waters, collect beach clams in the traditional Vietnamese way and embark on a local fishing trip. Surrounded by endless stretches of beach, children can roam and enjoy splashing in the water while parents get some well-deserved relation time. There is also an excellent kids’ club within the resort.

Explore the floating markets of the Mekong Delta

The famed floating markets of the Mekong Delta are one of the most memorable experiences in Vietnam. Embark on an overnight cruise along the river aboard a traditional sampan boat and enjoy spectacular views as you float towards the lively river traffic. Experience life on the delta as you visit riverside villages and learn more about the traditions and customs of the locals. Not only will you experience the lively market and village life, you will also lazily drift along the backwaters, passing vast rice fields and towering water coconut palm trees.


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