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Top Destinations for 2022

As we emerge from months spent in our homes, we’re dipping our toes in the water and holidaying in some of our favourite destinations closer to home. However, as 2022 approaches, we’re being a little more ambitious. The future is bright and 2022 is truly the year of the bucket list. We’ve been craving an adventure and simply cannot wait to visit far-flung destinations and to start exploring again. Now, more than ever, leaving the everyday behind and setting out on a marvellous luxury holiday feels like a dream come true. So today, we’re sharing just four of many destinations that offer adventure in abundance.


Namibia deserves a standing ovation for its spectacular landscapes, wildlife and wealth of experiences. It boasts some of the world’s largest natural wonders within its borders and is home to greats like the iconic Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei, world famous for the highest dunes in the world. Lauded for its remarkable wildlife, Namibia has earned celebrity status as a sensational safari destination among avid explorers and first-time adventurers alike. Namibia’s diverse lands lend themselves to a huge variety of experiences, from romantic honeymoons and wildlife enthusiast expeditions to unbeatable family holidays. Couples are drawn to ultra-luxurious accommodation and fabulous opportunities like hot air balloon and fly safaris, sundowners and nights spent stargazing under a canopy of twinkling stars. Those who embark on these once-in-a-lifetime trips with their families often consider them to be the best holidays their families have ever taken. The unimaginable magic of gazing at elephants caring for their calves, watching as giraffes pass by, towering above the trees, or catching a glimpse of the “Big 5” as they sip from a watering hole can never be replicated. Even beyond the miraculous wildlife, Namibia still excels. Visit the otherworldly landscapes of the southern region, from the red dunes of the famed Kalahari to the dramatic cliffs of the Fish River Canyon, the rock art in Twyfelfontein or the ocean beauty of the Skeleton Coast. Namibia opens the door to whatever you want it to be, and its diversity means any holiday is possible.


Leave civilisation behind as you discover one of the world’s last wildernesses, a land sculpted by ice and engulfed in frozen silence. Antarctica has forever enchanted explorers, a mystifying destination where wildlife somehow prospers in some of the harshest conditions known to man. Trips to Antarctica’s treacherous and stark terrain are relatively new and even more so visiting in the lap of luxury. Board an impressive cruise ship, designed to cope with the ice-encrusted horizons and glide into an inconceivable land of blinding whites and deep navy blues of the untouched ice and the ocean, interrupted only by the movements of the phenomenal native wildlife. Depart from and return to Argentina or Chile, staying in experiential and ultra-luxurious properties and pairing your voyage with unmissable stops in Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego and the Argentinian and Chilean Winelands, or simply fly to Antarctica, eliminating the uneasy journey of the Drake Passage.


The penultimate destination for diverse and innumerable inland adventures and scenic wonders, Argentina’s landscapes are nothing short of phenomenal. Now more accessible than ever before, Argentina offers a true escape for the more adventurous traveller. From the tropical forests of the northeast to windswept Patagonia, this land of contrasts offers a wealth of possibilities. In the space of one luxury holiday, you can visit thriving vineyards, cosmopolitan cities, icy wildernesses and gaucho heartlands. From cruises to land explorations, opportunities are endless in Argentina. Feel the rhythm of Buenos Aires, a combination of Latin passion and European grandeur, with delicious food and tango performances before staying in an authentic estancia for a taste of gaucho culture and then heading to the Winelands of Mendoza for a culture rich endeavour. Adventurers are left with an unending list of possibilities; from the tropical forests of the northeast and the thundering of the Iguazu Falls to the snow-white salt plains of Grandes Salinas.

Patagonia is a destination in itself.  Explore the looming Andes and its Switzerland-like foothills alongside ethereal glaciers and world-class trekking. Sail Lake Nahuel Napi and discover penguins and whales on the Patagonian coast before reaching the Iberá Wetlands and embarking on exciting safaris through the second-largest wetlands in the world. Pair your visit to Argentina with greats like Bolivia and Chile and even Antarctica to further enhance your daring adventure.

South Africa

South Africa hosts an enviable combination of marvellous wildlife, fabulous food and wine and generous dashings of supreme luxury. Indeed, it is South Africa’s diverse offerings that continue to make it a favourite among both new and seasoned veterans of Africa. A luxury holiday to South Africa offers the quintessential African experience in tandem with all the indulgences of a major city; Cape Town. Step up the luxury with a sojourn on the pristine beaches of Mauritius or Mozambique or step up the adventure with exciting additions like Botswana and Zimbabwe. Ideal for first time visitors, choose to travel by rail, boarding opulent carriages and experiencing scenic vistas along one of the world’s longest stretches of railway. Stay near the city, visiting landmarks like Table Mountain, Robben Island and Cape Point with whale watching and shark cage diving off the coast of Hermanus and Michelin-starred cuisine and superb wines in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. For limitless freedom, choose to road trip through South Africa, delving deep into the multifaceted landscape of the Garden Route, discovering miles of beautiful coastline, forests, lagoons and more with stops for game drives and city explorations. South Africa’s safari opportunities are not to be overlooked next to its wealth of landmarks; home to the elusive “Big 5” and world-famous terrains including Kruger National Park and Thanda Game Reserve.


A luxury holiday to Oman offers an excellent introduction to the Middle East. A land of sprawling deserts under purple, star-littered skies, soaring mountains, secluded beaches and illustrious ancient history, Oman is diversity defined.  For experiential luxury, experience sustainable mobile camping along the desert dunes, trek along the steep gorges of the Saiq Plateau and witness loggerhead turtles hatch under the moonlight. Start in Muscat, for a culture-filled experience, touring opulent palaces and ornate mosques and visiting the colourful and bustling Nizwa Souq, before leaving for the oldest houses in Oman in the Al Hajar Mountains. Meet the Bedouin people, a semi-nomadic group who are said to be the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian deserts and spend a traditional night in the desert. Spend days visiting awe-inspiring historical monuments, glamping on the pristine sands of the desert or in unparalleled beachside luxury on immaculate sandy beaches, staying in luxurious resorts and relaxing retreats. Oman is the epitome of experiential and supreme luxury. A perfect multi-centre destination, it is wonderfully combinable with destinations like The Maldives, Jordan and Dubai.

2022 is leaving no room for small aspirations.  We’re ready to grab life by the horns and experience the places we could have only dreamed of visiting. Our top destinations are both wild in landscape and in reputation and can often be difficult to discover but our expertise, 24/7 support and local representatives ensure a seamless luxury experience throughout. We’ll be with you every step of the way, introducing you to destinations we have explored numerous times and have awarded the OROKO luxury seal of approval.


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