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The Emerald Isle

Sri Lanka is a destination that stimulates the senses and possesses a legendary reputation for its natural beauty. With lush rainforests, wonderful temples, white-soft beaches, emerald waters and tea plantations, you’ll experience an island adventure like no other.

Sri Lanka’s largest city, colonial Colombo, is your first stop. Paradise Road Tintagel is perfectly situated for you to explore beautiful traditional buildings, National Museums and busy streets. The Buddhist temple of Gangaramaya is one of the most important temples in Colombo. Your local guide will take you to see the Buddha statues, museums and sacred relics of Buddha. Inhale the atmosphere and allow the tranquillity to descend around you. Watching the sunset at the Galle Face Green Boardwalk is the perfect way to end your stay in Colombo.

We’ll transport you north to Anuradhapura, the birthplace of Buddhism - a breath-taking feast for the eyes. You’ll see iconic, sacred Buddhist sites including the ancient Bodhi Tree, the tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. A visit to Anuradhapura is not complete without marveling Sri Lanka’s most beautiful sculptural Buddhist stupas. The old stupas draw white-clad pilgrims and orange-robed monks who pray and place flowers, oils, and talismans around the surrounding shrines, and Buddha statues.

You’ll stay in one of the Panoramic Rooms at the Heritance Kandalama, overlooking the eighth wonder of the world, the rock fortress of Sigiriya. Your OROKO driver will meet you at your hotel and take you to Sigiriya. The only way to fully understand the grandeur of this marvel is to conquer it on foot by navigating your way up the winding stairs that lead to its peak. Large trees jut out of centuries-old stone walls and long, orange clay paths point you toward the towering fortress. Here, you will get a feel for times long past.

We’ll arrange your private tour of the atmospheric Dambulla Cave temple. The historic caves have ancient stories to tell and are drenched in colourful Buddhist and Hindu imagery. Murals depict the life story of Buddha and iconic paintings and unique statues are found at every turn in the cave’s preserved interior. The temple remains a sacred place of worship to this day, you’ll feel a strong spiritual presence around you.

Time for tea! We’ll transport you to Norwood Estate for a tea trails experience with their Resident Tea Planter. From sunrise, the vivid green landscape comes alive with bright pops of colour. With your guide, you’ll see the tea pickers in action and learn about the age-old tea making process. The flavours are exquisite and serving tea is a science. Sip, relax and repeat while birdsong fills the surrounding gardens.

A guided trek will be arranged, a delightful way to experience the varied landscapes, exotic flora, abundant bird life and the sweet rhythm of life in a tea garden. Take in the many colours of the mountain lakes, manicured tea gardens, forests and doll’s house villages. The unspoiled beauty of the surrounding valleys can also be explored by mountain bike with a personal guide.

Your journey continues to Yala National park, home to incredible wildlife. You’ll explore the park by 4WD with a park ranger, where you’ll be able to get up close to nature. Prepare to see elephants, leopards and innumerable colourful birds, peacocks, wild buffalo and grey langur monkeys. Dine under the stars for a memorable evening meal in your private jungle retreat.

Finally, surrender to the quaint charm that unforgettable Galle has to offer. Stroll along the cobbled streets of the ancient city, mingle with the friendly people, and immerse yourself in its enchanting blend of culture and tradition. Wandering along the historic pathways will be one of the most captivating strolls you’ll experience. At the end of your day, catch the beautiful sunset at the southernmost end of the Fort. Whether you’re looking for a private villa on the beach, a historic house in the fort, or ethnic-luxe at a hotel, we’ll advise on the best place to stay for your final resting place in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is truly a land like no other. A teardrop-shaped country cast adrift in the Indian Ocean, the island is filled with cultural treasures. With OROKO, you’ll experience heaven on earth.

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