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Mexico Day of the Dead

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  • International return flights from Dublin to Mexico.
  • All private transfers, internal flight and guiding requirements throughout.
  • 9 nights’ luxury accommodation in Mexico City and Oaxaca.
  • Experience the vibrancy of Mexico City, with a fascinating privately guided tour of the city's iconic streets.
  • Experience their power and majesty when you visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan.
  • Savour Mexico's food with a fun taco and beer tour with our expert local guides.
  • Experience Mexico’s is the Day of the Dead in the beautiful city of Oaxaca.
  • With our local guide walk the streets of Oaxaca before heading to Xoxocotlan village where you'll share a dinner with a local family.
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Explore Mexico on a tailor-made holiday through this vibrant and colourful Central American destination. Let our guides reveal the characterful cobbled streets that still lie hidden within the capital of Mexico City. Explore the colonial architecture, archaeological sites, artisan techniques and gastronomy to savour in Oaxaca. This suggested itinerary is filled with unique tours, where you’ll really get under the skin of these fascinating destinations. Visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan, try local tacos and beers in the best spots in town, witness Mexico’s Day of the Dead and meet the locals to learn more about the unique culture and traditions. A wonderful itinerary for those who want to make the most of their time in Mexico.

Trip Overview

Depart from Dublin to Mexico City.
On arrival, your private driver will be waiting to take you to your luxury accommodation where you’ll spend the next five nights. Throughout your stay in Mexico City, experience a variety of unique guided tours.
It’s time to explore vibrant Mexico City with your guide.
Discover Mexico’s Mesoamerican, Colonial and Revolutionary history while exploring the historic centre. You will also visit the Cathedral built upon the main Aztec temple by the Spanish conquistadors and the Palace of Fine Arts where you can explore its varied architecture.
Mexico City, Mexico
Today, you will enjoy a tacos, beer and mezcal private tour.
Enjoy the delicious taste of the most famous dish in Mexico, tacos. With your guide, you will visit classic taco stands “taquerías” in four different neighbourhoods, San Rafael, Anzures, Roma, and Condesa. Accompanied by a mezcal master, a “mezcalillero”, savour the smoky, sweet and herbal flavours of traditional mezcales from regional Mexican towns.
Tacos, Mexico
Enjoy a private day tour to Teotihuacan Pyramids.
This full-day experience takes you to one of the most important Mesoamerican sites in the Americas, Teotihuacán. With your expert guide, you will explore the archaeological zone while learning about the rituals, cosmology, beliefs and everyday lives of the Aztecs and the inhabitants of Teotihuacán before them.
Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico
It’s time to transfer to Mexico City Airport and fly to Oaxaca.
Your private driver will be waiting to take you to your next accommodation where you’ll spend the next five nights.
Oaxaca, Mexico
Get to know Oaxaca on a privately guided tour.
Explore the city of Oaxaca with your personal guide. You will learn about the city’s cultural and historical heritage, while visiting markets, chocolate makers, museums and art galleries. You will also have a chance to try some of Oaxaca’s regional delicacies like hot chocolate and grasshoppers.
Oaxaca, Mexico
Today, you will learn the art of mezcal production.
Starting in Mitla, explore its tombs and intricate mosaic work. Your journey then leads far away from the regular tourist mezcal hotspots, where you will meet real, quality producers of the traditional liquor who will teach you about the different distillation techniques used to make, what locals refer to as the elixir of the gods.
Mezcal Production, Mexico
You will also visit a small pueblo, famous for its production of pan de muerto.
A special bread only made during the season of Dia de los Muertos, you will visit one of the 20 bakeries in town and learn what the shapes on the bread mean and why it is used so popularly throughout this holiday as an offering to the deceased.
Pan de muerto, Mexico
Your next experience is a visit to a Teotitlan Market.
With your private guide, visit Teotitlan Del Valle, possibly the prettiest village in the east side of the valley. You will enjoy a guided visit to Teotitlan Del Valle market followed by a visit to a Zapotec family home to see the process of how traditional woven rugs are made. Afterwards, you will enjoy a regional cooking class and lunch as a special guest while sharing the secrets of authentic Oaxacan cuisine.
Market, Mexico
Today, we will bring you closer to understanding the history and intimacies of the Day of the Dead.
On this full day tour, you’ll visit the sprawling central market of Oaxaca. You’ll see the locals hurrying to buy fresh bread and marigolds, candles, incense, sugar skeleton skulls and more traditional altar offerings for tonight’s observance.
Market, Mexico
Your day continues towards the local cemeteries to observe how typical “Altares de Muertos” are made.
You will learn the significance behind each aspect of the altar, such as what the levels, gifts, and offerings represent, and the cultural beliefs between the connection of life and death on this day.
Offering for Day of the Dead, Mexico
The Observance of Day of Dead at night takes place once the sun sets.
First stop at San Miguel Cemetery for an inauguration event where magic explodes in the form of ten thousand candle flames.
Candles for Day of the Dead, Mexico
Continue towards the small village of Xoxocotlan.
Meet a local family and share dinner as special guests in their home. After midnight, you will witness how the entire town gradually fills the cemetery with flowers and candles, adorning the graves of their loved ones and sitting patiently by the tombstone all night waiting for their loved one’s arrival.
Girl with candle, Mexico
Today, explore the Ancient Zapotec City of Monte Alban.
Explore the site with your guide who will lead you around, explaining what is known about Monte Alban and what still remains a mystery. After your visit, enjoy a traditional lunch in Oaxaca’s north valley and then witness the famous comparsas, a carnival-like event special to Dia de los Muertos where locals dress up in colourful costumes and parade through the streets.
Monte Alban, Mexico
Immerse yourself in the rich traditions that make up Oaxaca.
You will visit the homes of local artisans in some of the small pueblos, such as San Bartolo Coyotepec and Santo Tomas Jalieza. Learn about the techniques involved in making black pottery, alebrijes, and backstrap loom weaving while meeting some of the most recognized artisans and craft-masters to witness and learn how they continue the traditions of making native crafts.
Black pottery, Mexico
Privately transfer to the airport for your flight home.
Arrive in Dublin.

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Where to rest your head

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Stara Hamburgo

Stara Hamburgo

Stara Hamburgo is located in the financial centre of Mexico City and is within close proximity of many shopping malls and smaller boutiques, as well as providing easy access to the historical part of the city centre. Accommodation is simple yet comfortable and provides everything you need for your stay in Mexico City. Facilities include a small spa, gym, library and plenty of lounge space, as well as three restaurants, one of which boasts a large terrace, ideal for soaking in the sun.

Casa Carmen Morelos

Hotel Casa Carmen Morelos

This four bedroom hotel is located just a five-minute walk from Oaxaca’s main street and the Zócalo (main square), meaning you can easily meander to museums, restaurants and bars and still expect a quiet night’s sleep. The discreet entrance to this four-bedroom hotel is barely marked and looks more like a private home. The whole hotel is filled with pieces by local artist Amador Montes, which lends a well-curated character to the place. Throughout the outdoor communal spaces, you’ll also find funky Acapulco chairs, potted cacti, and planted trees offering shade.

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