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Highlights of Thailand

Thailand is a natural wonderland. Beauty abounds in this haven where mangrove trees and rainforests spill down onto pristine beaches. The warm waters of the emerald-blue ocean invite you to bathe in the rolling waves and the sun stretches its heat over the tropical landscape. OROKO can take you to this Eden and organise every detail of your perfect journey.

Best Time to Travel
Nov - Jul
Suggested Duration
14 nights
From (per person)

Upon arrival in Bangkok, you’ll be greeted with the hustle and bustle of no ordinary city. You’ll spend three nights in the luxurious Banyan Tree Hotel, the perfect base from which to discover the city. A vibrant setting full of temples, exotic foods and shopping districts await you. Tour the streets and indulge the senses in the capital.

After flying to Phuket, your OROKO driver will take you to the luxurious Sarojin hotel in Khao Lak. Here you’ll spend five nights in opulence and begin to unwind immediately. Your suite will soothe you as you relax in surroundings tailored to your every desire.

OROKO can arrange a private journey on the Lady Sarojin, the hotel's exclusive boat. From your private charter, you can gaze out at the stunning scenery of Phang Nga Bay. Limestone islands, sheer cliffs and sea caves cover the landscape. Marvel at the famous limestone Tapu Island that juts out of the water, tall and dominating. Witness the true beauty of this natural landscape as you cruise comfortably through the waters.

In Thailand, you can encounter some of the world’s gentle giants. Elephants roam through the jungles and rubber plantations of the countryside and OROKO can arrange to have you meet these majestic animals. In an ethical elephant camp, you’ll learn all about these wonderful creatures whilst feeding and walking with them.

Unwind on the private, white-sand beach of the Sarojin Resort.
Relax in a luxurious suite at the elegant Sarojin Resort.
Experience purple-hued Thai sunsets with OROKO.
Meet gentle giants with an OROKO tour of an ethical elephant camp.
The Sri Panwa Resort offers commanding views over a beautiful landscape.
The small but intricately decorated Wat Bukkalo temple.
OROKO can organise bespoke beach dining experiences under the stars .
The Wat Arun temple complex in Bangkok is a dominating structure.

An OROKO private driver will take you to the Sri Panwa in Phuket. Perched high above Cape Panwa, this magnificent resort offers commanding views of the peninsula. The pristine white-sand beach provides the ideal setting for both relaxation and adventure. Here, during your four-night stay, you’ll snorkel or scuba dive with an expert guide and swim among the abundant ocean life.

Thailand is a place of splendour and soul. From idyllic tropical beaches to colourful city streets the country encapsulates excitement and relaxation unlike anywhere else. Whether it be unwinding under the sun or taking in the natural landscape, OROKO can arrange every detail.

The itinerary summaries shown are designed to give you a taste of what is possible with OROKO. These can be used to help plan your trip or we can design a completely different itinerary to suit you. All guideline pricing includes flights.

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