The long good-night…

Svalbard is a mysterious, beautiful place. Set high in the Arctic Ocean, this remote land is the northernmost place in Europe. A place where polar bears roam the sea ice and seals play among the glaciers. OROKO will take you on an adventure experiencing raw wilderness, and discovering untouched landscapes. Your arctic story begins here.

OROKO will fly you via Oslo to Longyearbyen, huddled on the fringe of the Arctic Ocean. You’ll stay in Basecamp Hotel, with a beautiful view across town to surrounding mountains. Proximity to wilderness means ample opportunity for adventure.

It’s time we take you further. You’ll explore Svalbard with your guide through pre-arranged day trips. Dogsledding is a great way to discover the surrounding areas. Excited Alaskan Huskies will be eagerly waiting to take you on your excursion. Feel the crisp wind in your face, listen to the softness of husky paws in the snow and hold on tight as you dash across the arctic wild.

Your guide will be with you throughout and will show you the abundant arctic plant life, birds and reindeer in their natural habitat. Following your adventure, you’ll warm up by sipping hot drinks in traditional cabins or outside to enjoy nature at its best.

Svalbard is a prime location for aurora hunts and other northern lights experiences. Between late September and March, it is dark from early afternoon until late morning. Our local guides know the best places for watching the magical aurora. On your dog-sledding tour you’ll be guided to your wilderness camp. Spend a night under the stars, surrounded by arctic landscape and witness the changing colours of the northern lights. It’s a heart stopping moment when the aurora appears, and lights begin to dance across the sky.

Underneath Longyear Glacier, there is a hidden world of caverns, glittering in snow crystals and icicles. The ice cave tours allow you to walk through the heart of a glacier and into a hidden world beneath. Ice crystals, halls and tunnels are waiting for you inside the ice cave. Walk along the icy passages and marvel at the water carved shapes in the ice.

Next stop is the remote Isfjord Radio, you’ll reach your destination by snowmobile. The former radio station is situated at the outermost part of the Isfjord with mountains overlooking the Arctic Ocean. During your trip, admire the still artic landscape in blue and white. You’ll ride over glaciers, mountains and frozen fjords. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a polar bear. Before evening, you’ll arrive to a warm welcome and a three-course meal at Isfjord Radio boutique hotel.

The spirit of the wild Arctic is alive in Svalbard. You’ll experience arctic silence and magical darkness that makes the moon and stars shine so much brighter. There are few areas in the world more thrilling than the Arctic landscape, which gives Svalbard a sense of intrigue. OROKO has access to the best local guides to ensure your experience here is everything you imagined.

Whatever you desire, wherever you want to go, we’ll make it happen.

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